Emanuel, Finger Back on the Ballot

    From The Tearjerker:

    Emanuel Back on the Ballot

    An eleted Rahm Emanuel celebrated today's Illinois Supreme Court reversal of a lower-court ruling that might have prematurely derailed his Chicago mayoral campaign.

    "Today's decision is a victory not only for this campaign, but for all Chicagoans and for middle fingers everywhere," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Tearjerker has learned that the lower court judge whose opinion was reversed has removed his three children from area private schools and has hired three full-time bodyguards.

    twenty second century fox

    sanity check's in the mail

    my alter ego is jailed

    and the fun house is closed

    hey should I pierce my nose


    bruised my ego and neck

    I'm strolling Titanic's deck

    waiting for the collapse

    how much time will elapse


    if the time is now

    will my bus be late

    if you show me how

    could I learn how to hate


    my mind is twisted but slow

    my body's ready to go

    and least it was back then

    will you still be my friend


    wait, do I even know you

    are you on Facebook

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    Dieu et Mon Droit

    Yesterday the queen read her message at the opening of the new Parliament.  Understandably she was pre-occupied with the royal fears surrounding the apparent disappearance of much of the crown’s most treasured jewel encrusted and artfully wrought precious metal diadems and brooches and other symbols of stature and privilege.  With the pluck characteristic of her nation’s personality, she waved aside any fears that the dignity and status of her noble peerage had disappeared along with the diamonds and emeralds.

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    Subcommandante Shaleen or The Reprobate Revolutionary Redeemed

    Written in April 2005, at the height of the Bush tyranny. I thought it could be retired when Obama was elected. I was wrong...


    When I first met Abbie Hoffman

    It was 1965

    Three years later at Grand Central

    We just bare got out alive


    I'd dropped several hits of acid

    And at midnight less a half

    Met a girl whose name...I can't recall

    Took her home to fuck and laugh


    When the cops came in, clubs swinging

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    Flat Out

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    A good traveler has no fixed plans
    and is not intent upon arriving.
    A good artist lets his intuition
    lead him wherever it wants.
    A good scientist has freed himself of concepts

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    Billy Glad Writes On Direct Film 'Restrepo' at MyFDL


    It was filmed in the famous Korengal Valley, where GIs engaged with the Taliban for five long years, and eventually left. 

    Billy says: "Some might say the soldiers and Marines who died there died in vain.  And some might say that the valley is a metaphor for America’s war in Afghanistan, a war that is sure to end in some kind of stalemate, with neither the United Nations nor the Taliban winning a clearcut victory."

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    You ever fall in love with a dog?

    No, this is not about bestiality.

    I mean, have you ever truly loved a pet?

    Well I have and there are certain things that have to take place in order for this bonding to occur.

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    A few Random Acts of Culcha...

    There is a rather new - in the last few years - phenomena taking place in various places around the country, and even in Europe. Where singers and musicians and artists appear out of no where and start performing what is called Random Acts of Culture.  Usually, but not necessarily, classical works. Here are a few examples.

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    Skating on Thin Ice

    As a small Christmas offering (suitable only for your stockings), I invite you to read my recollections of Christmas past among a family of well-intentioned perfectionists; you can read it here:


    Merry Christmas, to you all.

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    Christmas Pulla

    I have been making a traditional Finnish sweet bread know as Pulla for the last couple of years. It is made with cardamom seed, ground and lots of egg and milk and butter. As well as time. Here is the recipe I follow. Well mostly follow.  Swedish Finns call it Nissu.

    New Year's Eve Party

    Planning on sitting home next Friday?  Want to party but don't want to drive? 

    Look no further....come to the Once Upon chat room and ring in the New Year from the safety of your own living room, while having a virual party complete with music and laughter and friendship galore.

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    Christmas Soups to Warm Santa’s Heart

    Part Two Making Due for Christmas



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    Making Do at Christmas

    This Christmas is probably the hardest we have had it in this country since the great depression for a portion of our society. For some, the unemployment that was stopped at the end of November was a major hardship. How do you have Christmas with out money? This is a worry for many who have never had to do it with out spending lots. You make the Merry part of Christmas the most important part. Here are some tips and recipes.

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    File:Twain in Tesla's Lab.jpg

    I found Garrison Keillor reviewing the ‘new’ autobiography of Mark Twain.




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    Christmas with the Condiments


    Christmas with the Condiments by MrSmith1

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    A Happy Christmas Story

    The Christmas season in the year 2000 was filled with extra anticipation.  No one knew what to expect from the President Elect whose victory had the most sober observers of public affairs emptying their caches of superlatives to describe what might be in store for the nation.  One Liberal wag penned that it was an event as momentous as Caesar crossing the Rubicon.  A Conservative former Congressman predicted that every value of his party was in play.  Everyone had an opinion on the impending Administration of President Bernie Sanders.

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    Ode to Assange

    You've altered each and every day

    For the best part of a month,

    With Diane Sawyers' Hair,

    But without all the funk!


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    Did you get your invitation, because I am sure I sent it to you all and I sent it out at least a month ago, so there is no real excuse for you not to show up. If you didn't get the invite, I am so sorry, I probably just messed up your address, but don't worry, there is always next year. It's casual, don't dress up, there will be Foosball tournaments and drinking too!!! Oh the menu, you all are going to love the menu, I designed it just for you! For the time being we will leave our political differences behind us, okay, and just party and eat.

    I Believe...For Now

    I believe in karma, and that what goes around
    comes around

    I believe that when I find a $20 bill on the ground
    I can take it
    as long as no one’s around

    I believe that there are good people doing hard jobs
    and I can trust in them
    to know more than I do

    I believe that there are some bad people doing easy work
    and I can trust them
    as far as I can throw them

    I believe that I can tell the difference between good people and bad
    and I know who to back
    and who to toss aside

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    Cartoon: “Freedom for Free thought”

    Political Cartoon by Kaveh Adel: “Freedom for Free thought”

    Crossposted at www.Kavehadel.com/blog


    Artwork 2010©KavehAdel.com


    Visit the Facebook fanpage for more at:

    Who cares?

    We live

    in our red white and blue

    hugging and burning

    ranting and waving

    too often not contemplating

    or looking to tomorrow

    we just borrow

    We live

    with a sense of sorrow

    in our rag-tag teams

    agreeing and fighting

    kissing and biting

    too seldom truly thinking

    or trying to help out

    we just bout

    We live

    and forget that we pass

    as all things must do

    the scraps and me and you

    we die too too

    too eager to make a point

    instead of making a difference


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