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    California? About the reports of all the residents leaving

    Have a nice trip . . .

    And don't let the door hit ya' in yer ass.




    Westwood was very good.

    Love San Francisco, Paso Robles, Napa, Sonoma, Rutherford, and Clear Lake 

    Word of advice, if you are in Clear Lake in the winter, it is snowing and you are driving a van, don't take the mountain route

    It may be a shorter distance, but there are no guard rails

    The drop would not be pleasant 

    Occasional potholes in PCH as well

    Along with ground shifts on the East Coast



    Been happening for thousands of years...



    Quite a cold sendoff towards fellow citizens who've suffered  3 1/2 million covid cases and 50,000 deaths along with the disruption & loss of huge numbers of jobs and businesses, waves of horrid fires and home destruction and mudslides thanks esp. to PG&E, difficulty holding any normal job while managing ridiculous rents, massive amounts of ever visible homelessness and related street crime & filth, plus the generally high costs of everything from insurance to cars to..... I'm sure I'm missing some of the other challenges of living in good ol' Cali. But sure, show and expect no sympathy.

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