Arrested And Jailed Based on Faulty Facial Recognition Software

    From NYT

    In February 2019, Nijeer Parks was accused of shoplifting candy and trying to hit a police officer with a car at a Hampton Inn in Woodbridge, N.J. The police had identified him using facial recognition software, even though he was 30 miles away at the time of the incident.

    Mr. Parks spent 10 days in jail and paid around $5,000 to defend himself. In November 2019, the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

    Mr. Parks, 33, is now suing the police, the prosecutor and the City of Woodbridge for false arrest, false imprisonment and violation of his civil rights.

    He is the third person known to be falsely arrested based on a bad facial recognition match. In all three cases, the people mistakenly identified by the technology have been Black men.


    Holy moly . . . Technology?


    At least the pigs didn't shoot him



    Becomes important as facial recognition is used by more police agencies.

    My take . . .

    They ought make all "law enforcement" dump that facial recognition crap.


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