COVID And The Celebrity Doctors

    Several doctors known basically for appearing on television gave blockheaded advice to listeners regarding COVID.

    Dr. Drew, an addiction specialist, told listeners that COVID was being overblown. He apologized after his son was infected. Dr Drew Pinsky recently announced that he is being treated for COVID.

    Dr Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon, known mainly for a television show, gave his opinion on the benefits of hydroxychloroquine. Studies did not bear out his support for thr drug.

    Dr. Phil McGraw, a psychologist, suggested that lockdowns were unnecessary. He brilliantly noted that we don't do shutdowns because of automobile accidents. McGraw may not have been required to take a class on how virus transmission occurs. 

    Serves as a reminder that the value of the medical advice you receive may depend on what you pay for the advice.

    It should be noted that Oz and McGraw received early support from Oprah Winfrey


    Thank you rmrd...

    You made a very good common sense non-emotional triggering post . . .

    Here's the latest from Drew Pinsky from his go-to local Los Angeles megaphone.  Note: Long-winded 9 minutes.






    These guys are pathetic

    Reminds me of Geraldo getting a hyped prime time slot to open Al Capone's vault

    This was followed by Geraldo getting a shock television show, along with Maury Povich, Jerry Springer et al.

    Unfortunately the crazy has become the norm in Congress 

    We are in sad times.

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