Josh Hawley Victim of the Woke and Cancel Culture

    Poor Baby

    Instead of taking to the public square to defend themselves or even attempt to reassure the electorate they are committed to the basic meaning and functions of democracy, Republicans are—like Hawley—scrambling to find find a new, shiny object to focus public attention on, complaining that they are the victims of “wokeness” and “cancel culture.”

    This is familiar ground. When the going gets rough, the right wing starts a culture war—and the gaslighting, the “look-over-there, not here,” is extreme. Hawley, who should be being questioned about his incitement and support of the mob and his baseless claims of widespread election fraud, has instead gone into full “I’m the real victim” mode.

    This week he was given the front cover of the New York Post to whine about the “muzzling of America.” His article is one long, facetious, Earth-is-flat, up-is-down moaning session in which he casts himself as the victim of the left, who are apparently trying to silence him.

    If this were true, the left has failed miserably; the article was printed on the cover of the nation's fourth largest newspaper by circulation, and Hawley’s plaintively wounded face appears on TV with un-cancelable frequency.



    CNN's Erin Burnett notes that for a party that decries cancel culture, Republicans are working to cancel Liz Cheney.

    Erin Burnett held up Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) as the perfect example of GOP hypocrisy on what conservatives have been calling “cancel culture” on Thursday.

    Burnett, the host of CNN’s “Outfront,” noted that Gaetz earlier in the day “got on a plane, traveled 1,500 miles from his district” to the Wyoming state capitol so he could rant against Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney because she refused to buy into Donald Trump’s election lies and voted to impeach the one-term president for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot.

    “For a party that rails against cancel culture, they sure are canceling a lot of people,” said Burnett. “They love the word cancel culture. Canceling Liz Cheney, that’s the latest. She happened to speak the truth.”

    Burnett later aired footage of Gaetz himself calling out cancel culture.

    “It seems that Matt Gaetz should probably ... I mean, if he’s consistent, be outraged at Matt Gaetz,” she suggested.





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