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    'Smart' is a bad thing?!

    I know a lot of people like to complain about how America has become stupid and that intelligence has become a liability in politics.  What they're saying is, that in effect, if you're smart, you're somehow 'out of touch' with the electorate.  Dear God, how did we come to this point in our culture?  How does being a thoughtful, intelligent person disqualify you for being President?  I don't want my 'beer buddy' running things, I want the best and the brightest minds available.  Why do even some of our newspeople encourage a lack of intelligence in our candidates.  (Yes, Joe Scarborough, I mean you.)

    I've always been amazed at how some people revel in their lack of knowledge. George W. Bush, for example, wears it as a badge of honor. (And you see where THAT has gotten us.)  But why do the talking heads on news shows deride intelligence as a virtue? Aren't we supposed to be encouraging our children to get an education? Isn't getting an education about becoming "smart?" Or have things devolved to the point where getting an education is merely about learning to "do things"?  Is it the culture that says we are 'more equal' when no-one knows more than anyone else?  That we are better off if we cater to the lowest common denominator? Is this the best argument against 'elitism'? 

    Sorry, I just don't get it.  I WANT A SMART, THOUGHTFUL  PERSON IN CHARGE OF THINGS!  

    Why is the above statement so seemingly irrelevant in this campaign?

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