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That was Obama's brushback pitch, Hillary. What you have to worry about is his fastball

Hillary. Hillary. Hillary. Will you never learn? President-elect Obama meets wirh her, and floats the idea of Secretary of State. So she tries to lock that "offer" in with a couple of well-placed leaks. There are no immediate denials from...
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Washington Post has the worst ombudsman ever

Deborah Howell continues to reinforce this widely shared assessment of her work. In Sunday's column, she examines her own paper's coverage of the election campaign, and detects a pro-Obama tilt. Her evidence is rigorously scientific: so many front-page Barack Obama...
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Election Day chaos: Just say no!

Reading this week about five-hour-plus lineups for advance voting, legal clashes over disputed registrations and extended hours, allegations of voter fraud and voter suppression, I couldn't help but think: WTF! Why do people put up with this crap? Two weeks...
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It's official: Lou Dobbs is insane

I just heard Lou Dobbs refer to ACORN as "the leftist radical group ..." Like the Weather Underground or Baader-Meinhof! (In my defence, I wasn't intentionally watching Dobbs. The TV had been tuned to CNN and I wasn't fast enough in turning...
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Here's how Obama seals the deal: Tell 'em just how hard it's going to get

I've avoided, up till now, all temptation to join the blogger chorus telling Axelrod, Plouffe and Co. how to run a winning campaign. But at the peak of the Palin bounce, before the current financial unpleasantness began, I did get an...
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When is Canada's financial bailout due?

The Canadian and U.S. economies are just about as closely intertwined as any two in the world.So, given the ratio of their populations, why haven't we heard about the $70 billion emergency bailout that Canadian legislators have been called back...
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OK, so let's make the campaign all about McCain

Earlier today, I read Kos on DailyKos and Ben Smith on Politico. Both offered interesting second-hand quotes, which happened to converge on crucial one point. Kos, citing a pre-conventions Bob Novak column (all bold-facing by me): I asked one of the...
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Thank you, Josh

We're either running on a new server, or a whole lot of archived stuff has been shifted off this one.Breathe that air!It's like Nov. 5 morning in America....
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McCain: I'd run a clean campaign if I weren't desperate

On The View, McCain was confronted about the lying, gutter-level approach his campaign is now taking.His excuse: The campaign's tone would be better if Obama hadn't rejected his proposal for an endless string of townhall meetings.Huh? What's the connection?Well, the conventional...
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Hey AP idiots, it's Democrat-bashing!

Republicans love to annoy the left by referring to the Democrat Party, the Democrat candidate, etc.Right-wing bloggers and media types have picked it the habit.Now the once-venerable Associated Press, stung by evidence its coverage is in the tank for the GOP,...


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