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River of Ice, River of Shit


One of the Fugs most poignant renderings was a song called Wide, Wide River (of Shit,) the theme of which was an impending surge of misfortune in which the world might drown.  I believe it had something to do with Vietnam.



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Hunter Biden: "Now, as to schtuping my dead brother's widow..."


This is a pretty hip room, politically, so everyone remembers ( all the way back to 2016)  how the visible anguish over "should I run or  should I not" exhibited by Joe Biden included a large, if vague, "evaluating it's impact on my family yadaya."


Today, we may translate at least a part of those concerns as touching upon the obvious  corrupt cloud enveloping Hunter's Board of Directors seat with Burisma.


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Jeffrey Epstein/Thomas Jefferson, Compare & Contrast


Amid the widespread revulsion appropriately manifested as the details of Epstein's predations emerge, ones mind is ineluctably drawn to his bother monster, Thomas Jefferson.


Let us perform a (truncated) inventory:



Epstein, "sex slavery curious".  Ordered books on the topic from  Amazon.

Jefferson: Repeatedly raped is actual  enslaved girl

 Advantage, Epstein



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Happy Birthday (77th) Jerry!

Jerry Garcia is 77 today...


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Trump, two prophecies


Most of us, by now, are familiar with the (spine tingling) "Trackdown" episode that, beyond al plausible explanation, foretold the coming of our misery.





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Gestapo! Don't answer the door!

At the behest of Mi Reina (AOC) and my vestigial conscience, I am joining a cadre of canvassers today to help inform any who may benefit therefrom, that they have rights in the face of the impending ICE raids.


Principally, of course, the paramount instruction DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR.


This paltry bit of symbolic resistance causes me to confront the wider and more difficult question that lurks.


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Tsipras joins May in snap election loser hall of fame...


Heads of state who are bound by fixed terms must envy, from time to time, the parliamentary leaders who can snap their fingers (as it were) and muster up a surprise election.


Surely, one might think, this lightning bolt, when deployed, would signal that the perpetrator had caefully analyzed the electoral terrain.


Or not...


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"They took over the airports", If you think your script says that, don't blurt it out!

As if to minimize his moronic display, explanations of Trump's July 4th encomium to the rag tag rebels of 1775 has been attributed to "trouble reading the teleprompter"...





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His crimes cry out to Heaven...he is an abomination


What, after all, is the breaking point?


In a week that produces a crescendo of evil, juxtaposing unspeakable cruelty to children with outright rape, how can the House not proceed with impeachment, regardless of the putative complaisance of the Repugnant  majority in the Senate..


Failing to  impeach is  to turn a blind eye to the clear obligation that simple humanity imposes.


He cannot be allowed to proceed in this fashion untrammeled, at least by the clear accusation of his serial crimes, made concrete.


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Blood on your hands? Call Jared!

Kushner Crisis Management, that is.

Remember the generalized outrage when it was bruited about that Jared Kushner (he of the purchased Ivy admittance) advised MBS Mohammed Bone Saw Bin Saud) that in the end, the furor over the Kashoggi atrocity would prove to be merely a speed bump?

Beyond outrage, there was derision--"Jared? PR advice? Y'gotta be kidding!"

Ha, ha, ha. The joke's on us

Business Quietly Returns to Saudi Arabia After Khashoggi’s Murder


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