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Back in 2016, the Pulse nightclub in Florida was attacked by a gunman. I was staying with a gay roommate in Portland who became hysterical and verbally abusive. It wasn't fun but I took my lumps. I could understand and feel how he felt. He sat me down and asked me a few questions.

"Michael, come here."

"What is it, Gene?" I replied.

"Do you think that we are in some kind of a social war?" He asked me.

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SSRIs, Once Again

I'm going to start off with an old example from back in 2001: 

MATTAWA, Wash. (AP) _ Apple orchards are blossoming just down the road. But there is one student in Michelle Hansen’s honors English class who is not there to see it.

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Remember Our Hearts

I'm just .... going to start with this: 

Uvalde student laid on top of dying classmate to avoid being shot by gunman, video shows cops preventing parents from entering school during shooting.

It is okay to cry:

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Reassessing Violence

During a conversation, Artappraiser took note of the fact that everything going on in Ukraine reinforces the need for people to have firearms in order to defend themselves or a community. I retorted by saying that the weapons there are only accessible by militia members, who get them after an application process.

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Daredevil To Be Rebooted On Disney Plus

I don't know if all you guys are familiar with this show or not. It was on Netflix a couple of years ago. I have an aside about it.

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VIDEO: Shadow 1954 Pilot

I had no idea that such a thing as this was made until I accidentally stumbled upon it today.

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Full Circle on the Soviet Union

I had to post about this.

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The Fall of Seattle

Artappraiser inspired this with her post about "the fall of Seattle" and how the George Floyd protests made them especially harmful for the Pacific Northwest.


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