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The Fall of Seattle

Artappraiser inspired this with her post about "the fall of Seattle" and how the George Floyd protests made them especially harmful for the Pacific Northwest.

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None Shall Escape

There's been a lot of Holocaust movies produced, but there is something uniquely different about ones produced in the immediate aftermath of the events than the like of Schindler's List or The Pianist. None Shall Escape really kept coming in to my mind while hearing news of what is occurring in Ukraine. The events sound really similar ...

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If There Were No Guns

I was reading through the devastating wave of gun violence that, once again, is ripping through American society. Guns are so part and parcel of American life that it's hard to imagine life without them. You end up having to go through gun channels if you work security, law enforcement or are a hunter, even if you yourself are not a gun owner.

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Dan Carlin Podcast: Human Resources

The woke crowd has argued, from its inception, that America is racist at its very core and foundation, marking the country's inception at 1619, when the first imported slave was brought to shore, instead of at 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was written.

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Reports from an Abusive Workplace

Hey Daggers! I thought a bit of memoir might be a nice change of pace. Yes, I made sure to post it to the Creative Corner!

A couple years ago, I worked at a Halloween store. It was one of those corner ones that shows up for a few months and sells a bunch of junk items that should be sold in a dollar store for upward of $40.

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Dagblog Question About Professional Wrestling

When I first started at Dagblog, I was invited here by Michael Maiello.

Maiello did a lot of blogging about professional wrestling. At the time, WWE was the only game in town and what was going on there wasn't all that interesting. WWE now has its own subset competition called NXT, along with a competitor called AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

I have a lot to say about it, but I have to know if Dagblog readers are interested in such a thing first. Let me know!

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"A More Unified West"

It is an understatement to say how divided this society is. The loneliness epidemic, in which people are terrified and unaware of who their own neighbors or even family members are, a polarizing identity politics that gave us a whole bunch of groups that didn't really believe in the core of society anymore - feminists, the Alt Right (which encompassed men's rights activists, white nationalists and others), gave us a more and more atomized and anxious society.

Here's a potential rhetorical break from Joe Biden's SOTU speech:

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Brookings Institution on "Men not at work: Why so many men ages of 25 to 54 are not working"

Another take on this strange phenomenon. 

They note that labor participation isn't particularly great with women generally either but just skip right over what that means. Go figure.



More on the topic: 

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Bowling Alone in 2022

There is a very famous conservative book called Quest for Community. Written during the 1950s by Berkeley academic Robert Nisbet, the book makes an assessment about why fascism and communism happened. Totalitarianism addressed the longing that all human beings have for community. As modern industrialism shook up the bonds that humans developed slowly over thousands of years, anxiety and fear settled in and dictators offered a relief.

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The Right Wing Symphony of Stupidity

Right wing talkers are forever wondering out loud why people like Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Jon Stewart, Andrew Yang or Dave Chapelle don't jump over to the conservative side when they regularly criticize left wing excess and are even the subject of cancellation.


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