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Alienated America Chapter Two: Captured By Fantasy

Note: I realize that I just recently posted the first chapter one day ago. I'm a bit of a force of nature when it comes to writing, or so I've been told, and all of your great comments just got me motivated to get cracking on this again. 

I took Genghis' suggestion that these should not be articles and hopefully, despite the venue I'm using, they don't read like it. There is alot of deeper, more intellectual stuff in here that I wouldn't be using if I were posting a video clip or something like that.

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Alienated America Chapter One

A little note - I wrote earlier about the book I've been writing. After mulling it over with friends and family, someone suggested that I write the book in pieces - essays here and there that receive reader feedback which will help move the creative process.

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Fascism Talks

Alternative Right, one of the darker and freakier outgrowths of the Tea Party movement, has been enjoying a prolonged lull in its creepy output. Glenn Beck is now off the air. One could have reason to believe that flirtations with overt fascism on the right are at least being muted.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Check out this video taken by an individual with Media Matters:


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Writing A Book

Writing a book is an epic task. Especially when you're not really sure what kind of book you should write, who you should write it for or how long it should be.

This isn't because I'm a bad writer. I can pound out news stories, interviews, reviews and editorials like Gangbusters. The music website Blood Is One that I started with a friend casually is now going swimmingly, but the ordeal of a book is a whole other enchilada.

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Taking Care of the Cuckoo

I was reading an article in Alternet about the 1980s and this really caught my eye:

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Hip-Hop As Social Commentary

This was originally posted at The Blood Is One, the hip-hop blog founded by Orion and William F. Pierce. Visit the site and buy some music by becoming an Amazon Associate.  I recommend "Regulate," by the late great Nate Dogg.

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Signs of Decline in America: When Al Jazeera Reports On You Better Than Yourself

Cross posted at Deschamps.

If you read this week's issue of Time, or at least glanced at the cover story by Fareed Zakaria, you will know that America is in decline. We all know it. The signs are all around us. From the resurgence of domestic fascist and racist elements that have been absent since America became a superpower in the post-World War II era to the increasing erosion of American culture and soft influence globally, not to mention the economic growth of India and China, it's pretty obvious that America is losing its hegemonic status, if it hasn't been lost already.

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Spectruming Out By Myself

I have Asperger's syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. This has resulted in a sort of epic chaos in my life of insanely ridiculous events that seem to somehow have something to do with my crazed mental state, from getting hit by a rock in the head as a four year year old to having a barbell thrown at my head as a teenager, with everyone from gym teachers to principals screaming at the top of their longs at me in the interum. 


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