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When You're Famous, They Let You Get Away with It

I find myself feeling pity for the men whose worlds are crashing down as a result of a flood of sexual harassment accusations.

Surprised? Me, too, but stick with me for a second...

Their behavior toward women is disgusting, violating, unacceptable, and it is right and good that this behavior is finally seeing the light of day. But every woman I know has faced harassment. Every. Woman. I know.

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I Can't Effing Take it Any Longer. Snowden is not a Hero and Nothing is Black and White (Except that)

For fuck's sake.

The comments on some of these blogs are unbelievable. I'm specifically referring to a news item at TPM announcing that what's-his-face has made the move from China to Russia and will soon be traveling to Cuba with the intention of settling in Venezuela. Hero? America as a fascist dystopia? Obama as the worst dictator in the world? 

Newsflash. If Obama is the worst dictator in the world, every single idiot claiming that to be true in yelling, hysterical, incredibly public fashion would not be here tomorrow. 

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Horrific Gang Rape in India is a Symptom of Larger Societal Problems


This morning, I heard the news that a 23-year-old medical student who was brutally gang raped in Delhi on December 16th had died. Another gang rape victim, in the state of Punjab, committed suicide this week after being pressed by police to drop the case and accept money or even marry one of the rapists. The girl, a teenager, and her family wanted police to open an investigation. 

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Southeast Asia Travel Journal: I Miss You Already

Now that I’m officially not with you anymore, I miss you. Is that weird? I thought I’d share some pictures (down below) and thoughts about life away from the craziness of the United States during election season. I still read the political news and I still spout off about it on Facebook, in short rants. The nice thing is that I feel so detached. The political situation here is in some ways better and in some ways worse: Malaysia has its issues. But as a non-citizen and a temporary resident, I don’t care that much.

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Southeast Asia Travel Journal: The Long Goodbye

Hello, friends. It’s been a while. I’ve been meaning to write this post for months.

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Republican Semantics

Seems like some knickers are in a twist lately on the right side of the aisle. To be fair, twisty knickers are not a conservative phenomenon--politicans can be remarkably thin skinned, especially considering the careers they've chosen. But, because I'm not a Republican, I find it funnier when it happens to them.

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Republican Presidential Candidates by the Numbers

Gallup has a new poll out, ranking Repbulican presidential hopefuls. The list includes three candidates that Articleman and I didn't think to mention in our recent email exhange:

17% Mitt Romney

15% Sarah Palin

10% Rand Paul

9% New Gingrich

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Malaysian Travel Journal: Cobra in the Kitchen

Not my kitchen. If it had been my kitchen, I would have hightailed it right back to the city. As it is, I have been assured that, although a colleague found a "small" (4 to 5 foot) cobra in her kitchen, since I live on the third floor of a cement block building, snakes can't crawl up into my kitchen. Roaches, yes. Ants, definitely. Rats, possibly. Snakes, no. 

So, I guess I can deal. But so ends my love affair with all things in the natural, jungle-y world. I still love the monkeys though!



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