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David Gergen's Comb Over

There are so many issues that face this nation.One payer health coverage.Tom Daschle's retirementMillions dispossessed in Iraq and Afghanistan.David Gergen's comb over.The last on this list of these important considerations that face this country may be of import to the...
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-8)

                       THE QUEST FOR THE HEDGE HOG FUNDSMarhaut and Quinn had sojourned a full day from Camelot.  Sir Marhaut had worked 'a deal' with Merlin concerning the impertinence of Quinn....
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Arthur of the Roundish Table (Ch-7)

We must now return to the NW quadrant of the SE. Fathead, Field Marshall continued, these illegal Angles are under some assumption that this is their island.  Field Marshall, Dobbs answered but ignoring the moniker, I have actually heard one...


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