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Alternatives To Police In Mental Crisis Cases

Pilot programs for mental health care crises 

Low Oxygen Levels May Be Missed in Black COVID Patients

Pulse oximeters, used to evaluate oxygen content in patients, may miss low oxygen levels in Black patients.

This possibility should be kept in mind by those treating patients, especially during the pandemic

Pulse oximeters

New England Journal of Medicine letter

Racial Bias in the Air Force

From the WaPo

Black members of the Air Force are treated differently than their White counterparts when it comes to job placement, leadership opportunities, educational options, criminal investigations and administrative discipline, according to the findings of a months-long investigation by the service’s independent watchdog.

Breakdancing Is Now An Olympic Sport

From the HuffPost

The International Olympic Committee has decided to officially designate breakdancing as an Olympic sport for the 2024 Paris Games. It joins three other new events: skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing.

3 Naughty Words

Identity politics cost Hillary the election

Defund the Police cost seats in the House

Critical Race Theory is a ripe target for Republicans 

Eugene Robinson’s Reading List For Trump.Voters Trying to Understand Biden Voters

Eugene Robinson of the WaPo created an educational list for Trump supporters 

Democrats were given repeated instructions on how to understand Trump voters

Some of us even read Hillbilly Elegy

Time for Trump,voters to do some book learning too

Robinson's list to understand Black people who disagree with Trump

The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

August Wilson plays

   The Piano Lesson


   Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

The jazz of John Coltrane

Obama Speaks of Racism

Review of Obama's Volume 1

Recalling the arduous 2008 path that ultimately led to his first term in the White House, Barack Obama writes in his new presidential memoir, A Promised Land,that his campaign was careful to avoid leaning into any issues that might be construed as “racial grievance.” By this, of course, he means Black concerns about the lethal consequences of institutional white supremacist power.

The Joy of Afro-Futurism

Despite the Trump era, there have been excellent on screen images that promise Black survival.

"Black Panther" (2018) stands out as a joyful example of Afro-futurism and Blacks overcoming evil. Sadly, Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us but the power of the visual depiction remains.

Futility Of Reaching Out To Trump Supporters

An article in the NYT describes the frustration one man encountered when trying to reach out to Trump supporters.

73 million Americans voted for Donald Trump. He doubled down on all his worst vices, and he was rewarded for it with 10 million more votes than he received in 2016.



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