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John Bell Hood was an inept Confederate commander who led troops that killed Union soldiers. Despite his ineptitude, he name is attached to Fort Hood. As a movement to remove the names of Confederate soldiers from United States military bases, the name of Green Beret Staff Sargent Roy Benavidez has been put forth as a replacement. The heroic actions of Benavidez, who was shot multiple times including in the face and the back, while saving multiple soldiers is detailed in the article. Miraculously, Benavidez survived his wounds and received the Medal of Honor from Ronald Reagan.


FDT is a high rated song on iTunes. FDT means F*** Donald Trump. The song actually played on CNN as a camera crew was dancing in the streets in Atlanta after Biden was declared President-Elect. It allowed people to express their frustration living 4 years under Donald Trump. Dancing in the streets to FDT. Relieving stress.It was a Saturday. The high road can be taken in houses of worship on Sunday, or in the future. Express joy. Nothing burned. Nothing broken. Joy.


The Woke are at it again.

The question has lingered around the edges of the pop-culture ascendancy of Alexander Hamilton: Did the 10-dollar founding father, celebrated in the musical “Hamilton” as a “revolutionary manumission abolitionist,” actually own slaves?

Some biographers have gingerly addressed the matter over the years, often in footnotes or passing references. But a new research paper released by the Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site in Albany, N.Y., offers the most ringing case yet.

Remembering Dorie Miller

Some grew up hearing the story of an eager Black military that gleefully went of to war to save the world from Hitler. These men and women put the segregation they faced in the United States aside. This story is, of course, nonsense. Black men and women in the military were actively involved in the Double V campaign. The project was to encourage fighting aggression overseas and to fight for freedom at home.

Canceling Millard Fillmore

The Woke have a dastardly plot to cancel Millard Fillmore


Jimmy Kimmel On The Dueling Town Halls

During his late-night monologue on ABC Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel waded into the brewing controversy over dueling town hall events happening Thursday on both his network and NBC.

“You know, there was supposed to be a debate tomorrow night, but since Trump would not agree to the virtual format that they wanted to have because he tested positive for the coronavirus, he backed out altogether,” the host explained. “So because there was no debate, Biden agreed to do a town hall on ABC that night.”

Where To Put Jefferson Davis


FAIRVIEW, Ky. — Drive down Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way in western Kentucky, past Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School and take a right onto Jefferson Davis Highway, and a gray spike will begin to rise in the air.

Man Who Shot Megan The Stallion Charged

Months after the chart-topping rapper Megan Thee Stallion said she had been shot in the feet by a fellow musician in the Hollywood Hills, the rapper Tory Lanez has been charged in the episode, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced on Thursday.

President Trump is sick. How can we pray for him when we hate his policies?

An interesting Christian view of praying for Trump's recovery

After news broke Friday that President Trump had tested positive for the novel coronavirus and would be admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment, I shared that I would be praying. I prayed that the president recovers from this disease — and that he repents of not taking the pandemic seriously as it affected millions of Americans, disproportionately harming poor communities and people of color. But I wasn’t surprised to hear from people who struggled with what I was saying.

“Good Lord Bird” Finally Reaches Television Screens

“The Good Lord Bird” has not received what you could call kid-glove treatment from Showtime. It was announced for Feb. 16 but pulled, then rescheduled for Aug. 9 and pulled again. It will finally premiere, without much fanfare, this Sunday. It’s curious treatment for a prestige mini-series based on a National Book Award-winning novel that was spearheaded by and stars one of America’s most accomplished actors.



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