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Today In Policing Part I

Austin, Texas Tampering With Evidence in Homicide While In Police Custody

Cancel Culture Comes For Ibram X Kendi

Ibram X Kendi writes about how one can become an anti-racist. Kendi admits that he often fails. Apparently, he sits at his desk and realizes that Trump is trying to push through a new SCOTUS candidate. Kendi, the anti-racist poses the question on Twitter if adopting a black child automatically makes a white person a non-racist. 

Wallboard Over

Eugene Robinson

There was no justice for Breonna Taylor, so there was no peace Wednesday night on the streets of Louisville.

Phillip Guston Exhibit Delayed

Phillip Guston is an artist who included cartoonish images of Klansmen in his imagery. His work includes 24 images of Klansmen. A retrospective of his work was supposed to go on display on and traveling display in June. The retrospective has been delayed until 2024 because of concern about how the artwork would be received in the racial tension present in 2020. The curators feel more time is needed to create a context for the Klansmen included in the display.

Guston felt that his work held up a mirror to America.

Reverend Al Sharpton On Violence In Black Neighborhoods

Al Sharpton denounced the shooting of two LA deputy sheriffs. He also condemned violence in black neighborhoods. To some, it seemed like Sharpton had an amazing and recent transformation. This is not true.

Sharpton has repeatedly criticized gun violence.

From 2014

Trump V 1619 Project

Trump fights to defend a whitewashed version of history 

WASHINGTON — President Trump escalated his attacks on “left-wing demonstrators” and “far-left mobs” on Thursday, portraying himself as a defender of American heritage against revolutionary fanatics and arguing for a new “pro-American” curriculum in the nation’s schools.

Kehinde Wiley Speaks

On the Protests

What does this moment in America mean to you, in particular with the protests following George Floyd’s death?

The Trump Goodyear Ban

Trump wants to ban Goodyear tires. 

The Presidential limousine rides on Goodyear tires

The NASCAR "Trump 2020" stock will continue to run using Good year tires

A little humor from the Authoritarian 

Trump and the Evangelicals

NYT article on why Trump captures the Evangelical vote.

Non-Evangelicals don't understand Evangelicals 

Evangelicals don't understand non-Evangelicals 

Evangelicals will do anything to say in power

Non-Evangelicals are trying to engage in a "fair" fight

Breonna Taylor’s Sister Expresses Her Grief

Before Breonna Taylor was a name chanted in the streets and scrawled on signs, before she was a face emblazoned on street murals and the cover of Oprah’s magazine, before she was the reason millions of Americans started clamoring for criminal charges to be brought against four Louisville police officers, before she came to symbolize the Black lives incomprehensibly snuffed out by law enforcement, she was Ju’Niyah Palmer’s sister — her companion, role model and confidante.

“She was my person,” Palmer, 20, told The Washington Post in an interview. “I was her shadow.”



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