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What to Wear to the Civil War; Impeachment Style

It’s a real question people, style is essential! What will we wear to our upcoming Civil War?

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Only Once, Why Women Don’t Tell

In 1984, I learned about "only once." I lived in Glendale, Colorado, where I worked at a comedy club where Roseanne Barr often performed, in fact lots of pre-famous and famous comedians performed. It was a fun job and the tips were pretty good. I had a boyfriend at the time of course, and as usual I got off work late and met him at my apartment.

I don’t really know what happened to tell you the truth, but suddenly my jaw hurt, he punched me and I landed on the floor hard. He was screaming at me and I couldn’t speak. My jaw hurt, I was pretty sure he broke it. And again I don’t know what happened by suddenly I was hanging by my fingertips on the windowsill of my bedroom. I honestly don’t know how I got out there, I think he was trying to kill me, and he was pounding on my fingers of course I slipped. I lived on the third story of the building.  I’m sure the events to this day are not completely accurate, because I was already semi-conscious.

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Yes, it is Festivus, so it is time for the annual Airing of the Grievances. I shall begin.

1. I have more doors to paint, this has been going on for more than one month. It's my own fault really I am the one who decided we should replace all the doors and trim in the house, but how did I know you could no longer hire finish work folks, they want big jobs not little jobs. 

2. While the Kakistocracy rises and the dark orange hue envelops the nation, remember this, Mark Halperin needs to be back on TV, he just wants to say he is sorry!

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The Anger They Carried

It was and is a daily burden made worse with the onslaught of daily acknowledgment by a large variety of men who have committed acts of aggression and harassment against women and children. I hear the cries of both sides screaming, "our side is not as bad as the other side" but I just don't know if that's true. Sure there are degrees of bad and evil, Roy Moore is one evil human being so used to gaslighting his victims he continues to use those methods to gaslight all of Alabama. He preys on children, and there is no doubt that he is the most toxic of males who uses his position in society to prey on those who cannot protect themselves.

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How Do We Defeat the Spectacle?

Let's face it America, we love a good or a bad spectacle, amirite? It is the only thing that can explain how we ended up with Trump. 

The Society of the Spectacle is my go to work for figuring out the Trump era. Our backward tumble towards intellectual darkness is happening at lightening speed, and it is a little bit scary.  But the Spectacle itself is a shining beacon to individuals craving a modicum of agency over their own lives. 

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Jim Crow just another name for School Choice!

Betsy DeVos knows her history. I obviously do not, because I thought the Historically Black Colleges and University's were created because Black American's were barred from attending schools with white people. But I was wrong, I was so wrong!! Who knew. Today I learned that Jim Crow is just another phrase that means school choice! Woo! All the problems that ever existed, never really existed. I love Trumpworld. It's the best ever. 






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We Are Legion

I had a little surgery on my left on Monday, can I just say, OW! I had a Pterygium. But here I am the youngest person in the Cataract and Eye Surgery Center in Bellevue Washington. So I am sitting waiting in an area where you get your eye put to sleep. I'd tell you how this is done, but as you can imagine, it's isn't pain-free! LOL. A woman is sitting directly across from me, she is reading her phone, but she is sitting right next to her mom and dad. I know because she called them, mom and dad! LOL.  

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A Potemkin Presidency with Baghdad Sean and Tokyo KellyAnn

It's been a really weird day and a half. Things changed drastically for me after I'd read Emperor Tiny Fists inaugural address. The carnage was apparent as I approached the bus stop to go to the Womyn's March in Seattle. The carnage was real, I stepped over bodies as I ran to the unprotected bus stop. I knew I had to stop at a Walmart and get a shotgun because bears often attack us near public schools. It's a known fact grizzly, and brown bears crave a public education. After that, I made my way to the Army Surplus store to get some body armor because of all the carnage in the city! Every single day it's like NCIS LA out there. We've all seen it, we just didn't know we saw it. Alternative Facts people, you don't know, no one does.

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Boxing Day and the Laments of 2016

Could this year have been any shittier? Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher's massive heart attack, Trump. PSN's stupid coffee table book and it's failure to activate politically with a Four Million member power! WTF, can 2017 be worse than this?  Increasingly that orange freak is scaring the hell out of every normal person on the face of the earth with his loose tweets about nuclear arms races, so yeah, 2017 can turn out to be so much worse. I'm sure many of you feel the same bewildering disappointment as me and millions around the world. 

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Running For Office Week 3: Dems in Disarray

Last night was the LD reorganization meeting, and it was eye-opening, depressing, and shed a bright light on why Democrats haven't won in my district in 12 years. 

The reorganization meeting was large. Many people are motivated to try to take the district back, but the lack of professionalism and seeming lack of organizational knowledge is stunning. There was a full table of people still fighting the primary results. And while I still am convinced I should run, I am not sure that our local party has the organizational chops to help  support a successful campaign.


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