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"But my plumber also has a nice beard."  "You must be shit-ting me!"

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A Bill to Indemnify MERS Retroactively?


A report from CNBC yesterday, November. 2010, announced that the Obama Administration and Congress are working on, and ‘may consider’ a bill for the Lame Duck session to ratify MERS as a legally credible entity and limit its liability in major parts of the foreclosure fraud debacle.

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These Things Suck. And a link to the livestreaming of the Catfood Commission Presser

Unsurprising news comes that Obama is about to start running back his targeted date for beginning to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan.  He is, also unsurprisingly, going with a 2014 date to assess things…again.  Seems Petraeus was right all along, and I am shocked to discover what power he wields for the MICC.

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Banish the Blues, Peeps; it’s Voting Day! Enough with the Bummers and Crabbies Already!

Whatever you do today, make GOTV calls, stay glued to your computer, go to work and sneak some peaks at your computer, take some time to celebrate Voting Day.

We may know what tomorrow may bring, partially because there may races whose outcomes we won't know for WEEKS. 

A-man will be live-blogging from 7EST (Standard?) here; DemocracyNow! will livestream election results starting at 8 EDT.

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Obama! A Modern US President

This musical Obama spoof produced by Ronnie Butler is a take-off from Gilbert and Sullivan's Penzance's 'Model of a Modern Major General'.  It really has something fro everyone, from the most ardent supporters to critics; the tongue-in-cheek self-mockery makes me wish Obama had something to do with it.

Cruising the web to find its origin was great: there were so many different takes on it, and interpretations of it.  Be sure to include your own; I just know I love it!

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Secret Document Frago 242 Wiki-leaked

Wikileaks documents released Friday evening to The Guardian, UK, The New York Times, Der Spiegel and Le Monde are full of revelations that are being underplayed by MSM as ‘not revelatory’.  Don’t be fooled.  They include documents showing that the DoD had previously lied, but actually was keeping track of civilian deaths after a fashion; that there were far more killings of civilians by Blackwater employees and US soldiers than reported; that Iran was funding Shiite combatants (known already), and reports of death squads operating under Nouri Al-Mali

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When I listen to Martin Luther King, Jr. speak, I can believe in God.  There may be other times I have, but I can’t remember them.  In discussions about belief or not, I’ve heard people say that their personal stories have been determinant.  A lot of them include hitting some emotional or spiritual bottom, and hearing a message from God, then being reborn in some state that exemplifies grace, along with which comes both a knowledge of, and a belief in, God; sort of a personal relationship.

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The President Navel-Gazes; Waves White Flag of Surrender

The New York Times Magazine published this interview of Barack Obama on October 12, 2010.  Entitled The Education of a President, Peter Baker speaks with the President, whose first chapter of his Presidency has ended.  He and Obama take an afternoon to reflect on the first two years, and wander into the plans for the next two.


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