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The hearing today :Comments?

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In the Kingdom of the blind

the one eye'd man get's elected

The Republicans are  honorable friends forced to pretend they support  to the actions of the misguided leader who is  letting them , and their party, down.  With  a few exceptions ( hello Representative Nunez) we know they are merely mailing it in  with their  "support" of  the Administration's crippling  of the Ukraine's defense against Putin's .tme

By assuming  this "sad" disappointment  we not  only will appear more rational than they will do with their over the top attacks. We also give the ordinary GOP voters an  escape hatch.


The best chance of  preserving the planet is for him to run. The reason is so

neobvious it would  be  insulting to repeat them . But  come down to there is nobody else more likely to be elected with the skills to  save us.

Have a deplorable to dinner.

Who remembers “National Brotherhood week?" When Lena Horne and Sheriff Clark were dancing Cheek to Cheek. Or amusing invitations posted to "have a cripple to dinner." And similar laugh riots at the expense of Blacks. Ah the good old days. We won’t see their like again. But I digress.

If only perfect people got to vote the electorate would be reduced to…well…let’s say American Legion Hall wouldn’t be crowded. All those currant buns I bought for the poll workers, wasted! (Actually it was the Republican poll watcher who clued me in the first time that I--like him-- should make myself less unacceptable by showing up at 6am with currant buns.) Groan. Here comes the hoary Flavius serm…thought through position (thank you mother) on having a Republican to dinner. Metaphorically.

Good enough

A friend summarized his career " Nixon had greatness thrust upon him...And he ducked."

We've reached the half way point in Mueller's testimony with Nadler and the democrat's not having ducked. Providing  a coordinated opportunity for Mueller to demonstrate to a-I hope- substantial chunk of the country that the President 

has earned several more years  after 2020 in a Federal involvement.  . Behind bars.






"Obstruction of Justice undermines the social contract: if most people jump the turnstile  I'm tempted to jump it too.

And the subway goes broke.

But if  jumpers , are punished ,I'll pay for my ride. And the subway works .

If the  Governor frees all the jumpers  he has to be punished by a higher level of Government.

To make sure jumpers fear getting caught. And pay. And the subway will work.

But if the President frees jumpers he's obstructing justice ;  that should  be punished by ,say, the Attorney General.

Shouldn't it?

This time Trump was telling the truth

Wasn't he?  

Surely he wouldn't  lie about his billions of losses..I mean why would he?

Well yes he would have wanted to avoid taxes but...Well yeah he would have really wanted to avoid taxe......OK I agree he'd have done almost anything ...ok avoid taxes. But how.........

Just do the right thing

And we could actually win. For a change.

No. We should not try to influence our representatives to impeach Trump. 

1. We must win in 2020 Unless we really can´t avoid it, (see below)  we shouldn´t  do anything that prevents (1)

¨Was it something I said?¨


a plaintive Richard Pryor asked  from   the cover of my 1980ś vinyl  with

RP  tied to the stake. And in  the standard repertoire: prayers for redemption,

piles of kindling ,approaching fire lighters

And  Pryor´s explanation:  true  ,visit at  any court house sentencing day  and , yup,  it´s Justice Just Us. .......................................................................................

Except  on the occasions when the judge reduces the penalty by 75%.

  Then it 's not Just US. Not us at all.


This is a test. Name

at least five liberal  democratic US presidents. 

Right. FDR.

Good. Keep going.


I´ll give you that one.And...?

Could have been LBJ but for Vietnam

Coulda, shoulda, woulda


Began with the Bay of Pigs ? First  cut in the maximum incremental income tax rate. Liberal?  

A leader? Certainly. But for liberal causes?

Woodrow Wilson!

With his views of Blacks?



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