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Kavanaugh could save the Republicans

by confessing.

Otherwise there is going to be a democratic House after November.

But  if Kavanaugh admits the charge, apologizes and  rends  his garments appropriately there is an army of Republican women who would  feel  they should exercise their mature powers by defying the polls and make their usual comfortable Republican vote. Including the two last hopes in the Senate.

"It's time to admit

“ that I once withheld important information from readers”John Authers wrote in last weekend’s FT.  “ It was 10 years ago…….I think I did the right thing. But a decade on I need to discuss it”

"The moment came  September 17 2008…..when world finance came closest to...collapse. But I did not write as much.”

Authers authors (if you’ll permit me ) what can be  an influential FT column. If he writes it.


"I can't believe it"

one of the  women said.

We were silentl until then- waiting  in the serious surgery  waiting room at Brigham's & Women's.

"That Mr. Starr wants to force Chelsea to testify against her father:. 

She was reading her Globe .

The other woman  :

I'm an attorney. In Oklahoma. We have an annual Bar 

Association meeting and this year we invited Mr. Starr to 

address us Paid his twenty thousand dollars.


All first graders

should read at first grade level at the end of the year.

And bridges shouldn't fall down.

That wouldn't eliminate inequality or improve Israeli-Arab relations but it would ensure that all second graders would be ready for the second grade -and make it safe to cross the Missouri. That would be a start,

Reading  D-blog  clearly there is a palpable sense of despair at the injustices that desperately need to be remedied and the inadequacies of the "leaders" who  should do that . Guess what , that was always the case.

That explains it.

A woman, psychologist perhaps, on MSNBC argues Trump's gravest fear is being exposed as being a financial failure.

Someone (maybe her?) argues that at some point, on the brink of a massive bankruptcy, he was saved only by an infusion of Russian cash arranged by you know who.

Which explains reneging on his promise to reveal his tax records. And the collu...meetings at the Trump Tower "to discuss adoptions."

We should deal with Trump/Kim

It's happening and it is immensely important.

I'll open the floor gates and I expect that  after me the sensible people will join in.

My belief is that Trump is actually pretty well qualified for today's meeting.

He made money in a tough league. That's real.  Of course ,exaggerated but for him to exaggerate , there had  to be something for  him to exaggerate, There was some "there" there.

The  Dagblog view  of his character is unsparing. None of us have a word of praise or even tolerance,

Rightly so.

He's  morally unspeakable.


Monday's IDF commander was not a war criminal.

It's absolutely impossible to say who was "responsible" for that day's 60 deaths. The unspoken assumption underlying a lot of Monday's press coverage is that Israel was to blame. Rightly so?

Some of my best friends

are liberals....Gerard Alexander in yesterday's Times.

Does cause one to wonder. About them.

To improve Junior's chance of acceptance at the University of Virginia? Or perhaps to join its political science department which appears to need help? 

Moving on.

Don't just do something,

stand there.

In office candidate school I had next to zero  curiosity about whatever process if any  the Army had followed  to arrive at its approach to taking 150 or so pretty fit , reasonably motivated young men and after 22 weeks authorize  50 or so of them to direct some indeterminate number of other men to take risky actions while North Korean soldiers were firing aem.   

But nevertheless I learned.

Across the aisle, down 3 bunks , was Brad, self contained, easily competent and OBTW the son of a Major General



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