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    1400 Pennsylvania Avenue

    1400 Pennsylvania Avenue,
    It's a place for you me,

    1400 Pennsylvania Avenue,
    This is an address we should know.

    1400 Pennsylvania Avenue,
    I found the link so you could see!

    1400 Pennsylvania Avenue,
    That is where President John McCain will be.


    Hi Mac

    Welcome to Creative Corner.

    John Behan used to live there.


    That is all I got.

    the end

    Dickon! How are you? And thank you for the welcome. I laughed so hard when I heard what the incredible Palin said... Hahaha.. it's so awesome it made me write a tiny poem! It's so nice to "see" you!

    Klondike Barbie...I can't even imagine her as VP.  Can you just see her addressing the UN with her big gulp on the podium, sipping it like a milk shake. They just had a earth quake up there.  I wonder if any more marbles fell out of her head.   

    They just had a earth quake up there.  I wonder if any more marbles fell out of her head.   

    You're presuming some remained there to be jarred loose?

    Haha, I'm pretty sure her head is empty.

    The GOP must have something going on at the Willard. In 2008, a GOPer from Texas addressed a letter to then President Bush at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.



    Hahaha... that is hilarious. I guess Sarah isn't the only uninformed Republican out there. 

    haiku:  Palin also knows

    the Gettysburg address is

    in the Yellow Pages.



    Oh snap! I'm sure she does think that.

    Oh Mac, I forgot.

    I ran  into Missy lately and I asked her to view my favorite Blogger, Mr. Smith.

    And Missy has shown up for a couple of months?

    Take a look at Creative Corner which really is ruled by Mr. Smith.

    As  I  told Missy, You will like this guy and his message and his poems.

    Nothin to do with me, except I think Creative Corner has a place here and elsewhere.

    So I sell him.

    I get 50% and Mr. Smith gets nothing.


    So I get half of nothing.

    But this place is not nothing.


    "I get 50% and Mr. Smith gets nothing."

    Sadly, that makes you the best agent I've ever had, DD.      hahaha

    (Thanks for the kind words.)


    Arthur, it's true and Mr. Smith does rule this place. I do read here as often as I can, I just don't comment or blog much anymore. It's that stupid job thing. :)

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