On Max Weber - why not?


    The Critic : "Were he alive today, Max Weber would surely demand that a democrat must display charisma, or make way for someone else.".  .....??? Max for charisma or no?


     Max Weber:

    "The main features of rule by 'charismatic authority'  consists of a proclaimed heroic 'mission' and the presumed greatness of the leader. The personal domination of 'charismatic authority' cannot coexist with an impersonal, functional legal-rational exercise of power which lies at the foundation of the ideal modern state system.....Such authority cannot become 'systematized' without losing it's charismatic edge...."

    From Economy and Society, posthumously published in 1923


    Didn't Adolf say, "Third time's the Charisma"? Not 1000 years it turns out, but his Charisma Offensive literally set the world on fire

    He loved the uneducated. Weber says, of course, charismatic rule undermines the  "legal rational exercise of power" the foundation of "modern states". Weber would have wound up in Britain or Buchenwald.

    Watching Britain these days, it may turn out not much better.

    Weber called for strict organizational structure.

    Will Rogers

    I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat.

    Edit to add:

    Pelosi endorsed Kennedy

    Ocasio-Cortez supported Markey

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