"America, what a country!"

    Found the greatest automotive photograph ever captured: pic.twitter.com/EgCcEXVVh5

    — Forest Casey (@forestcasey) November 24, 2020

    “Couple, Harlem” by James Van Der Zee, c. 1932, was taken during the worst part of the Depression, yet this couple were riding in a V-16 Cadillac that cost $5,900 new—2x more than a house. Only 100 were made. American beauty.

    — Forest Casey (@forestcasey) November 24, 2020

    Is actually a very famous photograph, you will find it used in a lot of books and articles on the "Harlem Renaissance" over the decades.He probably just discovered it because he's mainly been a car guy all his life. It truly is a great photo, very much "eye of the beholder" what you see in it.

    Edit to add some of the replies to his tweet:

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