To Know Him Is to Love Him? Wall of Sound silenced

    It's hard to think of a musician as flawed as Phil Spector - maybe Ike Turner.
    Yet there's something to hear his wife defend his music, his studio work,
    in an era where moral lapses and chasms are not just career enders, but
    signal an end to viewing.
    But nobody every really thought most musicians were nice boys and girls - 
    they were the seedy side of life that were going to corrupt our souls with rock 'n roll.
    With Phil, they were almost right - he corrupted his own, while he left the rest of us
    a diamond mine.
    But if Polanski & Michael Jackson are beyond the pale, what are we to do with
    Spector, a convicted murder, a violent abuser... and one who brought magic
    to so many others' music.
    Shut it down, shun him? Who knows. I still have my Phil Spector Christmas Album,
    and even though it's one of the few CD's left that I play, I can't imagine it going away.
    Even though they put him away for a long time, and now he's gone for good.
    But somehow his music will survive - he was much less a media star than those
    others, just the guy spinning the dials, and the 60's, still before when media
    became such a monster. Back then, it was still somewhat naive, somewhat accepting.
    Even murder as a part of fame.

    Ronnie Spector

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    It’s a sad day for music and a sad day for me.

    When I was working with Phil Spector, watching him create in the recording studio, I knew I was working with the very best. He was in complete control, directing everyone. So much to love about those days.

    Meeting him and falling in love was like a fairytale.

    The magical music we were able to make together, was inspired by our love. I loved him madly, and gave my heart and soul to him.

    As I said many times while he was alive, he was a brilliant producer, but a lousy husband.

    Unfortunately Phil was not able to live and function outside of the recording studio.

    Darkness set in, many lives were damaged.

    I still smile whenever I hear the music we made together, and always will. The music will be forever

    Phil Spector 1939-2021

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    ...what are we to do with Spector, a
    convicted murder, a violent abuser

    From the penthouse of pop/rock to
    the bighouse and a cold death...

    That's all.


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