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    A Surrealistic Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




    Here's this week's heap of haikus:


    White House State Dinner
    Obama recites haiku ...
    Where was my invite?

    President Obama:  Spring green in friendship
    United States and Japan
    Nagoyaka ni 
    (translation: harmonious feeling)


    "I am sure that I am the first President ever to recite a haiku at a state dinner.
    [garbled MrSmith1] ... has nothing to worry about."




    Cherry blossoms bloom
    after atom bombs went boom
    Nagoyaka ... nu?





    Upside down I fell
    Escalator 'escapade'
    Yelling "HELP" brings cops.

    (Okay, a not so minor mishap actually.  The escalators at New York City's Penn Station are ridiculously fast.  Since I was getting on and off Amtrak trains where there is usually a gap between the train and the platform, I was using two canes for balance.  As I was heading back out to the street level on Sunday, I somehow mis-timed the speed of the escalators and, with my clunky Frankenstein shoes, I lost my balance and fell over backwards on the escalator.  Being blind in one eye and with a fused neck and spine, this was not a good thing, and I knew immediately I was in trouble.  I hit my head on the escalator and took some of the impact with my arms and as I fell, I started screaming for help using my "actor voice", the one that can be heard all the way to the back of the theater.  Somehow I ended up sitting on my butt, at the top of the escalator. How that was possible, I don't know.  Fortunately, two cops were there in an instant, and they turned off the escalator and they and a young black man who was just passing by and had witnessed my fall, helped me get back to my feet.  I was a little unsteady at first, but as the police questioned me, I realized that other than an abrasion on my head, I was mostly okay and that going to the ER would be a waste of time.  I thanked the police officers and assured them I could get to the taxi stand under my own power.  The next day of course, I was pretty sore from the encounter, and, in fact, still am.  I am normally very deliberate in my movement and very aware of my safety and don't put myself in dangerous situations.  It was a surreal moment as I lost my footing and tumbled backward in slow motion, but I did get to see how I would react in a dangerous situation; I am excellent at yelling for "help!" when necessary.  I was a bit upsetting to have this last moment of the trip be the defining one.  The rest of the weekend was a joy and filled with love and family and happiness ... except for having to see my ex-brother-in-law for the first time in about 15 years ... But that's another story ... 




    The trees are sprouting
    plastic bags ... Recycling
    just got confusing.










    March to diff'rent drums,
    waltz to whimsical cellos,
    but just keep moving.





    (John Cage performing "Water Walk"on "I've Got a Secret" with Gary Moore.)


    When TV was young,
    And the world more innocent,
    it could be surreal.

    The world and TV
    are no longer innocent
    nor young ... still surreal.





    Panoramic sky
    We drive into the future
    chasing after clouds.


    (The road back from Enola, PA to Philadelphia, PA on Sunday morning.)





    tanka haiku:

    A wilted flower's
    not a metaphor for your
    Life, it's a warning:

       When you remove yourself from
       what nurtures you ... Game over.






    Swimming with the tide
    may take you into oceans
    of profound regret.






    There were delicate
    negotiations, therefore
    doilies were called for ...




    Do not focus on
    the follies of your youth, but
    how you overcame them.





    In the morning's mist,
    the field beyond seemed painted
    with watercolors.






    My Siamese cat
    sits at the window, and stares
    at distant mountains.


    Eschewing sunsets,
    he loved the subtler hues
    of mid-afternoon.



    Each dusk he watched the
    darkening sky's shifting shades;
    blue-ish indigo.



    Like a morning rose,
    the nurse showed up at daybreak ...
    and pricked my finger.

    In a quiet room,
    far from all the excitement,
    plans were being made.



    The gist of each jest,
    (as each guest might have guessed),
    was at the host's behest.




    In the marbled foyer,
    an arrangement of jasmines
    offers us welcome.


    His tortured soul found
    all measures of contentment
    just beyond its reach.


    Like sails on schooners,
    the bed sheets billowed, still pinned
    to the old clothesline.


    His heart on his sleeve,
    led many folks to believe
    he always wore shirts.


    Fitful nights will pass.
    Sleep will overtake sadness.
    A new day will dawn.



    When his heart's desire
    bitch-slapped his raison d'être,
    his life straightened out.


    If you're struggling
    building ships in bottles, go
    get bigger bottles.



    In the afterglow,
    reflect on, then embrace, the
    changes the flames wrought.

    The look in her eyes
    was enough to melt his heart ...
    and most tupperware.


    Strolling through the park,
    I can feel my focus shift.
    Embracing nature.


    There’s a twilight time
    between dusk and eve’ning that
    nurtures reflection.




    Loose litter swirling
    through the canyons of midtown;
    Urban tumbleweeds.







    The sun arrives to
    softly muted trumpets and
    leaves to violins.

    (photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)




    A rusty Ford coupe
    waits for the right person to
    find and restore her.

    (photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)





    Vows freely given
    reaffirm a world of hope
    with promises kept.




    Rhapsodic Romance;
    our souls dance joyfully to
    our heart's cantatas.




     When  two hearts in love
    decide to pledge their troth, all
    heaven's doors open.





    The beauty of vows
     forsaking all others; parts
    love and devotion.




    When poets can twirl
    literary lariats,
    they're soon laureates.
    of Life's complexities makes
    easy answers hard.
    Tucked in his wallet
    was a photo from his youth
    of a secret love.
    Enjoying the shade,
    of a leafy maple tree;
    ladybugs and me.
    tanka haiku:
    When our old dog died,
    There was no reason for us
    to keep his chew toys.
       But we did. And even now
       they lie on the floor ... hoping.
    A tall vase full of
    happy yellow daffodils
    assuages anger.
    tanka haiku:
    Why defy the wind?
    Or swim against the tide? Why
    make things so damned hard?
       There's but one answer to this ...
        It is the path that I'm on.
    This is the Future
    that you dreamed about while you
    sat in Study Hall.
    Flowery bouquets,
    made the room seem less dreary.
    and soaked up her tears.





    Oh I have these thoughts

    Gleason sending his wife to

    The moon as if he

    Had that damn power

    Without spousal abuse there

    Bathrooms without spout

    Like bathrooms without toilets

    People without sex

    We are mammals sure

    We are something more

    The present presents

    A new reality sure

    But history is

    Always with us now

    So now I am lost


    The car:

    See I am lost once again, my numbering is bad.

    Anyway, good BLOG.

    That is all I got.



     I am Lost and Found

    This is delightful Momoe.

    I will listen to this a few more times.

    I know I am lost, but when will I be found?


    This is a great song.

    Where in the hell do you find these things?

    Well done.

    A house full of young people give me ideas. I have been saving this one for the right comment to pop up. 



    I hope you feel better soon and all the aches go away. 


    Thanks trkingmomoe. 

    Momoe is great, isn't she.

    Hell, I think I have played this song at least once a year for the last seven years. hahahahah

    We all need some help at times.


    God I love this song. hahahahaha

    Yeah Mr. Smith you are doing ok again. haahahah

    Our job is just to get you to a thou.

    Yeah sure, numbers mean nothing.

    But they mean something to me.

    I personally have a stake in all of this.


    Anyway, what a fine set of poems.

    I love this.

    I still love this old lilt that I play all the time. hahahah

    I hope you do not mind.

    Okay, I will now leave you alone. ha

    I am not alone
    whenever I read Dagblog;
    friends behind the words,

    No Words.  (This is a little different. I get teased with this song from the kids)

    Goodness gracious, Mr. Smith! That was no minor mishap at all, and now you've got me worried about you. Yes, I know you're okay overall, but falls like that can be quite frightful (which probably doesn't come as a surprise to you). For heaven's sake, not only did you get hurt, you had to get yourself home. I can only imagine how your whole body must have ached afterwards - they say the day after is always the worst, and they're right.

    Alright, enough clucking. It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all, and the long trip (no pun intended, of course) was well worth it. So what's the deal with your ex-brother-in-law? A long, sordid story with loads of lurid details, in-fighting and borderline illegal depravity, no doubt. Certainly not a tale meant for civilized conversation ... so spill, will ya?

    I wasn't sure if I should share the story about my escalator encounter or not; but I liked the haiku and the haiku demanded an explanation ...  With my fused neck and spine, falls are always a danger due to the possibility of spinal fractures.  And to tell the truth, this fall was a doozy.  I'm very lucky it didn't turn into something more serious.   Fortunately, I have my remicade infusion on Monday, which should help a bit with my stiffness.

    As for my ex-brother-in-law, in brief, he is a  $%^%#.   (If you recall, I did take some small bit of revenge by making the character representing him a cross-dresser in my play The Carrot of Happiness.   I admit I made that part up just because it made me laugh.)   He was a police officer on Long Island, and retired in his mid-forties after 20 years on the force, getting a full salaried pension for the rest of his life.  He was still on the force when my sister asked for a divorce, so he got a free lawyer from the PBA, and he decided to ruin her financially and emotionally by stalling and prolonging the divorce for NINE and a half years.  She was forced into poverty in order to pay for her divorce lawyers, while he spent nothing and ignored all her pleas to settle and move on with their lives.  He tried to keep her from getting her fair share of his pension, and his lawyer, stalled and stalled and drew out everything, hiding his assets, etc.   Eventually, she agreed to a settlement that was much less than she was entitled to, just to get things over with once and for all.  She did not ask for a divorce because there was anyone romantically in her life, she just wanted out of the marriage.  All told, they were married for just over 25 years, but the last 9 and a half were the divorce battle.  Unlike him, she kept their kids out of it and didn't bad-mouth him or try to make him look bad.  He, on the other hand, tried to make her look like the crazy one and tried to turn their kids against her.  Fortunately, it didn't work, and one of the really great things that came out of it was that after the divorce, my sister went out and became a para-legal, because she wanted to help other women in similar situations.  My nickname for her is "Mad-dog" for the ferocity with which she goes after the bad guys.  She had gotten married right out of high school and had only worked in retail up until that point, but went back to school to become a para-legal and got hired by a law firm in Philadelphia where she still works today at the age of 68.  She also later found a good, younger man, who she married and to whom she is still happily married.  Her further revenge on her ex is that all her grandkids adore her and she is very involved in their lives. Her ex is not at all involved in his grandkids' day to day lives and his wanting to come to this party was a bit of a surprise.  He also remarried and seems more involved with his 2nd wives's kids than his own. Like I said, he's a $%^%#.   I suppose I should stop before I tell you my plans for pissing on his ... ummm. never mind. 

    I see you've used the Old English spelling of $%^%#, obviously a nod to its literary roots.

    Children can be surprisingly wise little creatures. They absorb everything, see how it feels and then filter out the debris. Being excellent manipulators themselves, they're very aware of how it's done and usually see through it. I think we learn the meaning of "actions speak louder than words" when we're very young.

    Your sister sounds like a remarkable woman who came out swinging on the other side. That sort of strength and endurance must run in the family.

    She is remarkable.  When people used to accuse me of being stubborn,  I would tell them I was only the 3rd most stubborn person in my family; my mom and sister being numbers one and two.  Now that my mom has passed, my sister is the current titleholder and I am a very distant runner-up.  She and I had our differences in the past, but we bonded in recent years and we have never been closer.  She does have great determination and a savvy intelligence.   She is generous and protective, and is determined to show her grandkids the world.  She takes them on cruise ships and to places like Venice and Dublin every year.  She shows up at all their swim meets even though she is still working full time and has to drive two hours from Philly to Harrisburg.  I admire her strength and she has been my role model for determination for most of my life.

    Given the chance, I wonder what she'd write about you? Recalling your story of your mom and her (plus dog) stranded overnight in her car, I can only imagine it would be liberally laced with humor. Something else you have in common! ;-)

    (PS - I forgot to ask earlier ... are you sure he doesn't wear lacy pink panties?)

    Yes, my family has, fortunately, been blessed with great senses of humor.  Something my ex-brother-in-law does not have.   I think my sister is very funny and can tell hilarious stories drawn from her life ... When we get together, we all laugh a lot.   As for my ex-bro ... You're right, i don't know for sure.  hahahahaha!

    See, you make me laugh all the time. hahahhahahah

    Let us all  recall literary roots. hahahaha

    Rope unwinds from post.
    Red boat slips into the lake.
    Arms rotate blue oars.

    Wide arcs of cheerful parting
    lash the reluctant water.

    Wonderful, moat!!

    tanka haiku:

    Rope unwinds from post,
    tethered dog gets closer to
    catching quick red fox.

    But the fox discovers the
    dog's reach has limitations.

    Two ropes unwinding;

    one setting free, the other

    tightly constricting.

    Which leashes your soul?

    Undiscovered fantasy

    or the ties that bind?

    Good one, Missy!!


    tanka haiku:

    Two ropes unwinding,
    One freeing, one restricting ...
    neither without fear.

    Tethered lives from day to day;
    Freedom, moment to moment.



    here, there is a chain
    and some say there is a door:
    No typography.

    Nice, moat!

    Sans typography?
    typeface iconography;
    A chain with no door.



    The words themselves bind
    like acorns, nuts, and buds.
    Door is mostly shut.

    HA!!   Good one, moat!!

    Though words may bind you
    Writing makes you regular;
    Do it ev'ry day..



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