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    Did you get your invitation, because I am sure I sent it to you all and I sent it out at least a month ago, so there is no real excuse for you not to show up. If you didn't get the invite, I am so sorry, I probably just messed up your address, but don't worry, there is always next year. It's casual, don't dress up, there will be Foosball tournaments and drinking too!!! Oh the menu, you all are going to love the menu, I designed it just for you! For the time being we will leave our political differences behind us, okay, and just party and eat. I made Peppermint Ice Cream first, since I could freeze it and keep it this week, so Monday was for making ice cream.

    Here are a few pictures of the process as describe in the recipe.


    Heavy Whipping Cream on ice, the very necessary strainer and the finished ice cream. And there are two pans of brownies to go with the peppermint ice cream!

    I hope your mouths are watering, I love it when people eat all the food I've cooked. Next up I made pumpkin mousse. I  think having and abundance of desserts is good for a party. So I found a recipe for pumpkin mousse,  oh and I tested it, and it is good. Oh yes, I guarantee you will love it. I'll so miss you all if you don't show up!

    I've also made a big baked ham, to be glazed closer  to the party tonight, although I finished baking it this morning. Right now the Cajun Turkey is in the oven, stuffed with a pecan wild rice stuffing. I will upload  pictures when it is finished and of course two large pans of baked macaroni and cheese. My very own recipe.

    I am preparing the veggies for the  platter, it includes steamed broccoli, cold carrots, celery, and there will be several dips. And to top things off beer, lite beer for those of you who like light beer, and ales for those of you who like ales, I have Fat Tire on hand and some others, and of course wine and Sangria, and to top it off the more than fantastic Champagne Cranberry Cosmo Cocktail Punch, which is a recipe I am sure you all want.. if you want it let me know. I'll take more pictures later and upload them!

    See you all soon!

    Stay tuned for updated pictures!



    The Cajun Turkey with the Wild Rice Stuffing sounds/smells awesome.

    Thank you moat, it turned out nicely, the turkey was good and the stuffing was even better! But everyone really loved the brownies with the peppermint ice cream and the macaroni and cheese. But then who doesn't love home made mac and cheese.

    What was your address again, tmc?

    It all sounds scrumptious.  I'm saving the recipes just in case I get inspired some day.

    They are yummy Ami, we missed you at the party!!!

    I always cook for my son when he visits. So I spoke with him on the phone last month and he decided, what the hell, he would get a turkey.

    So he tells me is ready to cook it that night.

    It took me back to a scene on the old Soap, and the matron cannot sleep so she decides she will fix a turkey, except that it is frozen.

    I have cooked turkeys for him of course, but he did not understand that he had to take the damn thing out of the freezer and put it in the fridge for three days. hahahah

    Anyway, we talked for close to an hour and he had me laughing soooo very hard. hahahah

    Two days later we spoke and indeed he did cook the bird and loved it, preparing it as I told him to.

    I don't know why I bring this up. But communication regarding cooking is much more civilized than communication about sex and other desires I suppose.

    He is 32 now and an avowed bachelor even though he is not sure that is what he is. hahahaha

    He was too embarrassed to breach the subject of cooking with mom so he came to me.

    Yes talking about food or over food it always much more civilzed. The story about your son, awesome.

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