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    A Well-Deserved Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



    Here's this week's heap of haikus:


    Bring your broken-ness
    to the altar of repairs ...
    Hallelujah, fixed.




    When Titanic sank ...
    Young Leo DiCaprio's
    heart did not go on.

    ( April 15, 1912 - Down goes Titanic ...)






    We fight our demons
    as if they have some meaning
    to anyone else.


    "Demons" by Imagine Dragons - lead singer - Dan Reynolds  (FYI - a fellow Spondy)




    We seldom notice
    the slow erosion of Life.
    We're focused elsewhere.



    My spirit will not
    be crushed at your insistence
    I will persevere





    The writer just smiled;
    he'd heard thoughts were fleeting, but
    wet ink would soon dry.



    A doormat thrown in
    the trash has obviously
    worn out its welcome.




    They say that I am
    hopelessly optimistic ...
    I just hope they're right.





     Double Diner-ku:

    Eggs over easy
    bacon, toast and home fries; on
    some mis-matched china.

    Men in overalls
    listen to the farm report
    an' talk 'bout football.




    Echoes of sunrise,
    fade from the bluing sky; the
    moon goes back to sleep.




    Through each tortured night,
    he tossed and turned in bed, then
    dreamt of his ex-wives.




    The train ‘clacks’ along.
    I stare out the window as
    lush meadows rush by.






    Tending your garden,
    know that zinnias will thrive
    where fuschias wither.





    She’s tilting forward ...
    (She is wearing 6 inch heels!)
    Precarious Chic.






    Crank the Victrola,
    clear away the rugs and give
    the maid the night off!








    An eager puppy,
    wags his tail, strains his leash and
    makes many new friends!




    Memorized poems
    hide inside our heads, waiting
    to re-inspire.



    Her world’s no larger
    than the width of her bed and
    the depth of her dreams.




    Waiting by the door,
    a shy young girl fidgets with
    a yellow wrist-band.




    Japanese maples
    rustle noiselessly outside
    while her mother sleeps.




    tanka haiku:

    Summer days of youth,
    running through fields, resting ‘neath
    the shade of an oak.

    Then riding bikes to the park,
    and playing 'ball 'til supper.


    The pre-war building
    stood in stark contrast to the
    post-war skyscrapers.



    Those being drenched may
    not always feel as if they
    are blessed by the storm.




    A wastebasket filled
    with crumpled papers marks a
    young writer's progress.



    Who have you steadied?
    Whose heart have you opened?  Whose
    dreams have you unleashed?



    In musty attics,
    boxes of old photographs
    stuffed with memories




    If you have a job
    with no time parameters,
    you must be shiftless.



    Like sails on schooners,
    the bed sheets billowed, while pinned
    to mother’s clothesline.



    Half opened window …
    A world on each side … Do you
    look in or stare out?



    Optimism is
    one's willingness to believe
    in happy endings.  



    On Avenue A,
    scores of scrawny skateboarders,
    dodge hippies on bikes.




    Ev'ry Flea Market
    has old folks who'll wrestle you
    for Fiestaware.





    The more I focus
    on subtle details, the more
    I'm drawn into Life.







    A downtown cafe …
    lovers cuddle in a booth,
    sharing fajitas.





    To remember love
    is to journey through the soul
    and restore the heart.







    A tall glass of juice,
    is no substitute for a
    big mug of coffee.







    tanka haiku:


    From the cab of his
    pickup, he could see the smoke
    rise from the chimney.

    But it was nearly sunrise,
    and he can't wait for breakfast.






     I sail into the
    darkness.  The sunset leaves me
    without any friends.

    (Photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)







    double haiku:

    The screen door slams shut.
    An angry young man runs to
    his car and 'peels out.'

    She watches from the window
    and prays that her sadness ends.





    More Later.



    through each tortured night

    she slept with (insert your ex)

    it was hell on heels

    HA!  Good one, Oxy!!

    He said, "I love you."

    Then his eyes shifted leftward...

    He is an asshole

    LOL! Excellent, Cville!

    He had shifty eyes
    but a nifty pair of hands
    He's still an asshole.

    Hey, the ice went out

    The ice went out on the pond

    April 15 ice is out!

    I dunno why this

     it was 3 degrees Monday

    When I woke up then

    The seagulls seem fine

    And they sit upon the ice

    Well the ice is gone


    When the ice is all

    When the ice is all so gone

    Seagulls will be gone


    Well, they like the ice

    So northward they shall migrate

    Try eating thru ice.


    I watch Mr. Trump

    And I think about seagulls

    Makes geese seem so smart.

    the end


    I have no idea why this song is relevant to anything, but it just came to me

    "I watch Mr. Trump
    And I think about seagulls
    Makes geese seem so smart."


    Wonderful, DD!   LOL!!


    A fight in plain sight
    breaks out when any demon
    is dragged to the door.

    Step through separated rooms.
    You are the unwelcome host.

     Excellent, moat!!

    Blame Howard Johnson
    "The Host of the Highwaymen ..."
    (Psst!) Try the fried clams.


    I was sopping yolks
    when I saw her through the glass
    leaving in my car.

    Good one, moat!!


    Dashiell Hammett-ku:

    Sopping yolks with a
    raft of rye, some lean pigs and
    a mug of java.

    Then, I eyeball a floozy
    joyridin' my jalopy.


    Three old friends called me

    Not that many of us left

    Oxy, you still sing?


    Smith, it's all fun and sad at the same time. Three old friends at a club in the city and they just called me, having been discussing a song I once did oh so many years ago. What a lift!. Just wanted to tell you about it. The music, best part of my life.

    So, what was the song?  And do you still sing?

    What do you say to
    old friends that have, lovingly,
    frozen you in time?

    Be kind.  You were loved enough
    to have been thought worth saving

    Thanks, Smith. Yes and  "Skylark".

    April 15th Tax time. 

    Simplified tax form:
    How much you make? Where is it?
    Please send it to us.

    Bring your Wall Street ass

    To the altar of repairs,

    Hallelujah, taxed.

    Ha!  Good one, Oxy!


    Once, a Wall Street type
    tried to make an honest buck ...
    Derivative schmuck.


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