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    Earth to Roland Burris: RIP THE %*$&*# BANDAID OFF!

    Turns out, even I underestimated the stupidity of Roland Burris, a feat, I assure you, that is as difficult as it is unexpected, seeing as how I've been criticizing him for weeks.

    Here's the deal, Roland: if you promised to raise money for the governor while you actively lobbied to be appointed to a senate seat that the governor had put up for sale, YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT. It doesn't matter that you're a crap fundraiser or that money for Blago dried up as it became abundantly clear that he was unhinged. And it is not helping you, your party, your state, or your president to keep revealing the details in pieces parts.

    Roland Burris, United States Senator, is acting like at 16 year old that wrecks his dad's sports car driving home on Saturday night when he was supposed to be home grounded. On Saturday night, he says that he had to go out because a friend was suicidal. He had no choice. On Sunday morning, he mentions that the friend said to meet him at this other friend's house, but he didn't know the other friend and he didn't know what to expect when he got there, but there were some people just hanging out. Monday, he adds that the friend of the friend and the people hanging out at his house were drinking beer but that he absolutely positively did not drink a beer because he would never do that. Tuesday, he says he only just remember that he might have had one beer. Wednesday, he mentions the girl that was in the car and he really wanted to impress her and she really wanted to drive. On Thursday, he finally tells you that the girl was wasted out of her mind and also not licensed and that when she crashed, she immediately got out of their with some other friends who were driving right behind them.

    On Saturday night, the parents were so relieved their son was safe that it was his best opening to tell the truth. By the following Friday, they have been led through such increasing levels of outrage and frustration that they are ready to kill him themselves.

    I'm revising my earlier opinion that we're stuck with him. He's digging his own grave. Oh, wait. That's already been dug.

    What a clown. The best thing the Democrats can do is show his ass the door. The sooner, the better.



    I'm rethinking the renaming of the blog. BurrisBurrisBurris.com may be more appropriate.

    Can we call it Burrisisanidiot.com instead?

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