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    Living in an Obama Nation: You Too Can Join the Resistance

    Since November 4th, serious Obama detractors have gone underground. Not as far underground as I would like them to be (think center of the earth), but they've been pretty quiet on the airwaves. Sure, there's still Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders bleating about one thing or another and there's still that guy that insists Obama was born in Kenya, but all in all, the negativity surrounding Obama has been with regard to the shit sandwich he is inheriting rather than the man himself.

    So, imagine my surprise last week when a friend at work pulled a pamphlet out of his desk to show me. He'd picked it up off our company's shared bookshelf and hadn't decided whether to report it as inappropriate. The pamphlet is entitled Living in an Obama Nation: 21 Ways the Obama Presidency will Impact You and Your Family. The back cover says simply "Join the resistance."  

    I took the pamphlet, rolled my eyes, and was ready to march into our director's office to complain. But then, I started reading. 

    [Disclaimer: Readers should in no way infer from the quotes that follow that the author supports, believes, or respects Grassfire.org or any message they so earnestly attempt to disseminate. In fact, the author only retained possession of said document in anticipation of more than 10 hours trapped in a moving vehicle and desperately in need of entertainment.]

    Before I was finished reading the first page, my side hurt from laughing. I stopped there and asked my friend if I could keep the pamphlet. I thought my companion and I could read to each other during our drive to Pennsylvania, and then to DC. We were in need of something to occupy our time through Ohio, which is huge and hugely boring. I should probably mention here that I didn't do any of the reading. If I try to read in the car, even for five minutes, I am carsick for hours. Since reading is the one activity with the ability to make me absolutely unaware of time passing, I consider this God's little joke on me. So, I did the driving and the laughing. But don't worry. We spaced it out so that the bouts of head-thrown-back-snorting hilarity only lasted about as long as it would take to check the rearview mirror or change a CD.

    Ok, so let's get too the good part, shall we?

    Grassfire.org is, according to their own propaganda, "a conservative issues advocacy organization with more than one million active team members." I would have thought that I would have heard of an organization that large, but they have a Web site. And an 800 number. And a pamphlet. So they must be big and powerful. Also, their pamphlet is 48 pages long. So, I won't be able to share all of their insights here. You can get a copy of your own, if you want. But I think you have to join their organization and sign a petition or something.

    The pamphlet begins with a "Note to the Reader." 

    Living in an Obama Nation is not intended to encourage animosity or malice toward President Obama or to bolster personal ad hominem attacks so often used in political discourse. 

    On the contrary, it is imperative that conservatives maintain a love for country and respect for our institutions as we defend this nation against the threats posed by an Obama Administration. Our disagreements with President Obama must be based in ideology and public policy, not personal attacks. From this firm foundation, we can mount a patriotic, resilient, conservative resistance to Obama's agenda.

    Couple things. First, I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think that "Administration" needs to be capitalized. Second, I wonder if they called themselves the PRC resistance on purpose (patriotic, resilient, conservative) or if that is a happy accident for lovers of irony.

    They go on to say that the "Barack Obama presidency will certainly present the most serious threat to your freedoms and your family that has arisen from the Oval Office in many decades, and perhaps in history."

    Aren't they adorable? I truly wish I could share with you verbatim the entire 48-page assessment of the ways in which we ought to be very, very afraid. But I can't make it through one page without stopping to laugh for ten minutes and the tears in my eyes make it hard to see the computer screen. 

    So, instead, I'll just leave you with the bullet points that they call "a taste of what he (Obama) has in store for you and your family."

    • The most radical, leftist presidency in modern history, perhaps in our nation's history.
    • The formal transition from the last century (the American century) to a new globalist era--the first Post-American President.
    • Taxation and more taxation in pursuit of class-envy based on wealth redistribution and global "planet saving" strategies.
    • Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, open borders, and weakening of our national sovereignty.
    • The end of marriage and the desecration of the sanctity of life.
    • Government control over the economy as the final solution to our economic woes.
    • The federal courts stacked with leftist judges ensuring that judicial tyrants will rule from the bench for decades to come.
    • Unprecedented expansion of the nanny state for everything, from healthcare to home loans.
    • The rollback of the War on Terror in pursuit of a foreign policy that blames America for the intense hatred coming from our enemies.

    Concerned yet? Yeah, me neither. Especially because Grassfire.org promises "from Day One, we will be there watching every move, monitoring every action."

    I'm sleeping better already. Not because Grassfire is on watch, but because they have been, by their own acknowledgement, "stripped of our political authority." I hope they will use their free time to print more pamphlets. Just because the times are serious doesn't mean we don't need comic relief.





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