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    Republican Semantics

    Seems like some knickers are in a twist lately on the right side of the aisle. To be fair, twisty knickers are not a conservative phenomenon--politicans can be remarkably thin skinned, especially considering the careers they've chosen. But, because I'm not a Republican, I find it funnier when it happens to them.

    This is a party, remember, that is incredibly good at messaging. It's a party that for some reason decided (en mass) to stop using a proper gramatical construction when referring to the other party (the Democratic party) and instead decided, to the horror of grammar police everywhere, to refer to an entire party with the singular form of a noun (the Democrat party). This is a party that has called the President of the United States of America a racist, socialist, European, anti-American traitor who wants to kill your grandmother.

    And now, this is a party that wants to end Medicare and replace it with vouchers. Only they don't want Democrats to say it that way. They are--seriously, they are--actually complaining that those big, bad meanie liberals are twisting their words and it isn't fair.

    It's typical bully behavior. As soon as a bully is called to the carpet, they turn to whining about how they are the one who has been wronged. It's fun to watch in a sort of mind-binding, forehead-slapping, God-what-I-wouldn't-give-if-they-had-an-atom-of-self-awareness-and-reflection kind of way. 

    When Republicans don't think they can win on the strength of their ideas, they turn to voter ID laws. When Republicans realize that voters don't like their ideas, they whine about how Democrats should stop telling the voters about them. When voters express distaste for Republican ideas in public forums, Republicans stop holding public forums.

    I suppose those are some solutions, but I have another one: STOP COMING UP WITH STUPID IDEAS.

    Just sayin'.



    Not as easy at sounds...for them.

    Well... I am not saying that this applies to 'all' republicans but...

    stupid is as stupid does.

    You can get blood from a turnip... etc.

    Bullies are bullies because they know they can get away with doing as they damn well please and those that do haul them on the carpet really can't and won't do much to stop them.

    As in the case of the voucher saving Medicare bill introduced by Ryan, call it whatever you wish, but the more Democrats identify it as a voucher, with supporting facts it is not a savings solution as claimed, the more riled their base will get and end up standing toe-to-toe against a perceived liberal onslaught to discredit the efforts of their Senators and Representatives to fix the mistakes of past Democrat administrations.

    So long as Obama thinks bipartisanship will eventually triumph, the GOper's have a free hand in twisting and manipulating their efforts to undermine both the Administration and the current law of the land to bring about the changes their Party desires, regardless of what the larger public expects of them.

    The only way the political bullies can be controlled would be for Obama to use the bully pulpit of his office to make GOPer's and tea-baggers sorry their mother's gave birth to them.

    I'm not holding my breath.

    Misspelling "grammatical?" ;-)

    Sham on you, quine!

    Yeah, I looked at that and thought about the double M, but spell check didn't pick it up and I was too lazy to double check. My bad. :)

    As long as the accepted truth includes that Newt is an intellectual genius, Romney could "run the US as a successful business," and other similar BS, we have to conclude that the republicans are doing a pretty good job of controlling the message.


    However, I don't think that even they are winning the semantic war that their only intention is "TO SAVE MEDICARE!"   Even those who usually swallow their other nonsense realize that this is an attack on the middle class.  However, since they continue to vote against common sense, they may do the same come November 2012.  


    I do think the Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida horror shows may wake some people up.  Who knows?

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