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    You Break It, You Buy It: The U.S. Senate is Stuck with Roland Burris

    Sometimes, being right is cold comfort. 

    As Genghis mentioned in his post, Roland Burris has "elaborated" on his testimony regarding his contact with Rod Blagojevich prior to his appointment to the United States Senate seat once held by President Obama. The Illinois State Senate is looking into whether he committed perjury and State Rep. Barbara Flynn Curie thinks it's "odd."

    Odd? Really? I think it was totally freaking predictable. Burris is as self-serving as ever. My guess is somebody threatened to disclose it, so he disclosed some version of it first. 

    So, now there will be some sort of investigation where the Illinois state elected officials will pretend to be outraged. The democrats in the United States Senate will feign some version of concern. But in the end, he won't be impeached, unless they can directly trace a sizable contribution from Burris. They just won't have the stomach for it, in the midst of the continued implosion of the economy.

    The only upside is that it will make it much more difficult, if not impossible, for Burris to mount any sort of credible campaign in 2010, so maybe, just maybe, the seat can stay in the Democrat's column. I'm not saying he won't try to hold on to the seat. He's still a megalomaniac, after all. But I think he won't have enough allies left in Illinois to make it plausible. At least I hope he won't.



    Here's an interesting tidbit about Burris as well... his chief of staff is a senior member of Reid's staff... but apparently has not left Reid's office in order to take the Burris job. Very strange. But this staffer is smart and well-liked, so maybe he can do something with Burris... although people are admittedly puzzled at his recent career choice.

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