Alastair Cooke explains LBJ to the UK, Nov. 25, 1963,

    in "The 36th President," published in The Guardian.

    Alastair Cooke was The Guardian's "America correspondent" at the time of the assassination. It's amazing to me how much he knew and understood about LBJ's politics at the time, and how he could express it in such a short piece.

    Don't miss the graph where he says:

    Until a few years ago, his glaring liability as a President for the 1960's seemed to be his vague, baffled view of foreign affairs. Indo-China he thought to be "futile war."

    The link to that article scan comes from an anniversary commemorative page The Guardian has put up Nov. 22,  with other articles as well, compiled by Katy Stoddard:

    Kennedy assassination: How we reported a 'tragedy for the world'
    US president John F Kennedy was assassinated 48 years ago. See how the story unfolded in the Guardian


    Another interesting period piece:

    Our plan for invading Cuba: The 82nd Airborne and the Marines take Havana, and the whole op is done in three months
    By Thomas E. Ricks, Best Defense blog @, Nov. 22, 2011

    Over the weekend I was looking through some handwritten notes in the papers of Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, placed on-line by the National Defense University....on pages 43-44 (as handmarked; PDF lists it as pp. 45-46) of that document, I was surprised to see a summary of "CINCLANT's operational plan for Cuba," which seems to have been ordered up after the failure of the Bay of Pigs operation in April 1961...

    Hey thanks for the link.

    It took me a couple minutes to figure out all you had to do was click the archived material.

    Welcome; glad to share with someone else who likes "old news." smiley

    Annals of History: The Transition: Lyndon Johnson and the events in Dallas.
    by Robert A. Caro, The New Yorker, April 2, 2012

    In full for subscribers only for now, abstract for all @
    There is also this from the archive available to all:
    Updike on J.F.K.’s Assassination
    Posted by Jon Michaud, March 28, 2012


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