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    Chris Matthews to Joe Walsh (R) Il 8th District, "He's Your President Too."

    Let's get this out there, Rep. Joe Walsh is discrediting a good name. The Joe Walsh I remember, played guitar had his own band and sang songs like All Night Laundromat Blues.. this guy, well he just doesn't seem like he is that much fun and he is trashing what is otherwise a very good name! I know I almost voted for the real Joe Walsh in 1980, the best part was I saw him in concert twice that year, man that was a great Eagles tour. Oh, I digress, because this Joe Walsh is definitely not that Joe Walsh.

    May I present you with the video, Chris Matthews versus Rep. Joe Walsh, Illinois 8th district, dufus.


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    If I had a two by four and had been standing within 25 feet of that Republican, he would be cross-eyed for a week ... When it comes to dealing with these arrogant first-term Repugs, well, plainly we need a lot more 2x4s.

    Somehow this one-of-greats relates

    2/3rds of the House and Senate will vote for a balanced budget amendment. The debt ceiling doesn't matter. The specific cuts to get to the numbers the GOP wants don't have to be specified.

    Do we need to start drug testing the Republicans?

    Yes.  They should also be tested for basic knowledge in US government, economics and history.  The score should be worn on their lapels next to their congressional pin.  

    I saw that interview and expected JW to stomp his feet and jump up and down.  He looked very childish.   

    I don't know how I managed to watch the whole thing on t.v. this afternoon, but minutes in I was screaming at the screen. If you want to put a face to the assholism, arrogance and stupidity of the freshman class of the republican house, this is the one to use. He represents everything I despise about conservatives.

    I have a hard time believing that this is a better choice than a dem.

    it is only the most ideological purist that can say there is no light between this and Obama

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