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    The Denial of a Platform

    One of the intriguing facet of the debate is why Obama didn't bring up of the 47%.  The Obama team claims that was a calculated decision.  They didn't want to give Romney a platform before 55 million+ Americans to do a mea culpa. 

    The result is that Romney has to do the mea culpa on Hannity (whose audience is already not voting for Obama), and America gets just the headline about Romney admitting being "completely wrong" in his own words.

    The commercials about the 47% still continue.

    Obama and Biden will still use the 47% at their rallies.

    Yes, Obama did not "win" the debate, but on this front the Obama scored and his team's strategy was correct.


    Yes, indeed.  

    But, I am curious on how they realized Romney's agenda was to do a mea culpa.

    Have you read or heard anything about how they 'knew'?

    I think they just looked at what he saying in the days before combined with what every poll including their internal ones about just how devastating the 47% comments were to Romney.  With the expected audience of over 50 million, it would be Romney's best shot at stopping the bleeding with a walk back of the comment.

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