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    The Eyes of Orly "Tammy Faye" Taitz

    Taitz learned the art of facial shellacking from the goddess of too much makeup herself, yes, Tammy Faye Baker Messner.

    Anyhoo... I caught this on the Lawrence O'Donnell and The Last Word tonight.

    So here is the question, is she crazy or not? I am voting for crazy.



    Yeah i watched that tonite!

    I love it when Lawrence loses it!

    She scares the shite out of me.

    But some PR folks have toned down that Tammy Fae Baker look for tonite anyway.

    Just imagine, you go to a foreign country, you manage to become a citizen--with good teeth, then you find a gig where you can make money claiming the President of that country is not a citizen!

    What a gig!

    What a country!

    What an ignoramous!

    It was a surreal to watch that, but I kept thinking, I am so glad I don't have a Dentist/Attorney like that! In fact the next time I talk to my attorney I intend to make sure he doesn't moonlight as a crazy Dentist!

    Everytime The Donald goes on one of his anti-Obama rants, an Orly Taitz rant should be shown. there is really no difference between the two. Taitz may hav the excuse of having a mental disorder. Trump is a racist.

    I am in complete agreement. Donald is a racist.  Taitz is a crazy racist, but what I found most interesting about the segment is her sudden discovery that the President's so called SSN was from someone in Connecticut from 1890, does she not realize no one had SSN's in 1890? So very weird to watch crazy explode like that, but I thoroughly enjoyed the meltdown.

    I was so taken by the crazy that I missed the 1890 Social security number part. Thanks for that info. It makes her appearance (I mean the videotape rant, not the makeup part) even more hilarious.

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