The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    As a fellow copywriter, I feel your pain...whoever you are.

    So I just got this piece of junk mail from AMEX touting their "high yield" savings account. They go further and ask me to compare it to the average of the rates offered by the top 50 banks.

    AMEX: 0.85%

    Top 50: 0.07%

    Naturally, they exaggerate this difference in a bar chart that shows the AMEX rate towering over the Top 50 rate. And in truth, it is 12 times more. Which means that, for every $1 your earn with the Top 50, you'll earn $12 with AMEX.


    Of course, you can't save with "the top 50." So you could probably do better than the 0.07% if you looked around.

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