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    I know my many fans who follow me here at Dag, realize I am the greatest living democrat. That is why there is so much love for me here. Well to make you all more jealous I attended the Emerald City Comicon March 4 - 6, with all the other greatest living democrats and comic book hero's and lovers. As a group we are fun, and we consider ourselves the greatest living Democrats of all time. As evidenced by this book I purchased while at Comicon. The art in the book is quite hilarious and offensive, that is what makes is so much fun.

    I am pretty sure purchasing this book proves my status as greatest living Democrat.

    This is one event I attend with my boys, well technically they are men now, at almost 25 and almost 21 and their facial hair, means I can legitimately refer to them as men, but alas they are still my baby boys.... sorry guys, I wrote it  again, what can I say! 

    I attended PAX with them last year too, but I like ECC it is smaller and although I do love games, I don't play as many as I used to, and PAX is really a nerd gaming gathering, while the ECC is a nerd extraordinaire gathering and the most fun a nerd can ever have in one place for three days. As per the usual we all had the three day passes to attend the fun,

    Day one was quiet, it began Friday, March 4th, at 2 PM. Max and I arrived there at 1:50, and picked up our passes and our grab back of goodies. I just asked people if I could take their pictures and they always said yes. It was awesome.


    Meta Knight, while we were standing in line waiting to pick up our passes.

    I have no idea who they were, but they were cute so I asked them if I could take their picture!

    No Comicon is complete without Aqua Man!

    Nicest Storm troopers ever.. they didn't even try to arrest me or anything.

    Jedi! He was on the lookout for those storm troopers...

    Shadow Priestess from WOW.

    Black Cat, Marvel Comics

    No idea who he is, but he was nice enough to pose for me, so I snapped his picture.

    ??? not sure, but he stayed in character, and it is a pretty decent costume.

    Poison Ivy and a Steam Punk Girl, super cute and good costume.

    Hahaha, Banana Man! He dances too... I wonder if he uses a banana phone? He wouldn't say.

    The gang from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    Kamina and his buddy, maybe The Invisible Man? I don't know, anyone who can tell me gets a prize... not really.

    Rebel Scum... Yep, even they showed up.

    Harlequin and Princess Mononoke


    Jon Frakes... Yep, it was a great day.

    Blur Boxleitner... umm I mean Bruce Boxleitner...aka Tron, hahahah, I had to zoom way in, I wish I'd had my tripod there.

    Brent Spiner...

    Hah, me and Brent Spiner... yes... quite cool, jealous yet? He was thrilled to be pictured with the greatest living democrat. I can't really blame him. He waited all morning for me to show up.

    Lord of the Rings Witch King.


    Klingon's the folks Donal likes to slander, watch it Donal!

    Harlequin and the Joker... she really gets around.


    And this completes our Comicon Experience..,


    the Greatest Living Democrat

    PS Next year we are going as Pinky and the Brain.


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    Oh!  So much fun, tmac!  hahahahha

    My daughter has gone to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA a few times.  One of the times, she and her friends all arrived dressed like Gryffindor students. Wink

    Flower, now I want to go to that, DragonCon looks like too much fun. I just visited the site and OMG Beau Bridges is going to be there and Christopher Lloyd! Damn I might have to get us tickets and we might have to fly to Georgia for that one. Plus I've never been to Georgia.

    We did have so much fun. It was an absolute blast. Plus I got to meet Brent Spiner, it made it a great comicon all in all. We have ZomBCon in October, DragonCon would fit right in.

    We have Otakon in late July.

    Yikes another one that would be kick ass fun to attend and take pictures. I am going to show them both to the boys.. I now want to go to this one too! We also have Sakura-Con which is in April, it looks an awful lot like Otakon. These things are simply too much fun.

    OMG, I knew you met Brent Spiner but you didn't tell me about Jonathan Frakes!!  Awesome!!  You really ARE the greatest living democrat!

    Thanks for the Rocky Horror picture, too.  One of my favorite movies. 

    He looks different but he still looks cute, plus he must be awesome he is married to Genie Francis... Laura on GH... well formerly on GH.

    There's a German military post nearby that has a fairly large group that dress up as Storm Troopers and puts on performances with military precision. Theses guy and girls are good! Both Americans and German's get a kick out of their performance and they're always in demand. I bet they'd love to show up at an American function like Comicon and give a performance.

    They should come next year Beetle, or they should go to the big comicon in San Diego, that one is huge and takes up the entire San Diego convention center.  I want to go to that one.

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