Hillary's Watershed: Deplorables

    It's been a pretty uninspiring campaign season, waiting from the end of the primaries to the convention buildup, then watching Hillary fritter her lead away on Clinton Foundation questions until it looked like she might be a goner - and then video by video, confession after confession, Trump melted down. Or is that how it went?

    6 weeks ago Hillary let her "Deplorables" tag slip, and much of her fan base and hopefuls let out a collective gasp - it's one thing to attack Trump, but not his followers and independents she was trying to attract. After all, it was common knowledge that millennials were none too thrilled with her, so she'd be making good on that Republican Lite reputation - only here she was pissing in that stream too. And classic Hillary style - not "jerk", "low-life" or even "vulgarian" - she chose a word that half of America had to look up and the other half pondered whether it was even a noun. But most felt it was a way too risky move.

    Which is funny, because folks have been complaining about her lack of risk taking since forever (or at least since she gave up on the futures market).

    But it was also an "Emperor's New Clothes" moment. Not for The Donald, but for say 1/4 of his followers. Contrary to expectations, Hillary's "apology" was more a twist of the knife - "maybe I guessed a few too many" (or unsaid, a few too few - you know who you are...). It congealed the moment, the "which side are you on". And so the GOP and Independents did have to start owning it - or at least the ones who care. Sure, old statesmen knew that Trump couldn't handle diplomacy, but that didn't speak to the rank & file - suddenly the misogyny and racism and implications on religion began to rear their heads. It gave Hillary the time to grab the moment, something that had been missing as the press pounded Hillary with more and more speculation about any quid pro quo or "appearances" with her charity work, even as reports dribbled out of Trump paying off investigations and using charity funds for his own picture - as so many times in the past year, nobody cared that the 2 were vastly different - the message remained "both sides do it... but Trump's the outsider", a weird kind of mulligan that he stoked and soaked to the best of his ability.

    But with "Deplorables", Hillary switched the conversation from him to his followers - "whatdoes it say about *you*". We all know that Trump perversely shines when the talk's about him, whatever crazy things he says. But this was the class teacher pointing out to the class that following the class clown is their business, but they'll be graduating in a few weeks and there's a real world that's waiting out there - or in this case, a whole load of repercussions and fallout once it's over - especially if Trump wins. Okay, it's not the swiftest class I've seen, but it seems to be good enough - enough people don't want to wear the mantle of "Deplorable", and for the first time followon Trump revelations couldn't be just ignored - the parents of the soldier, the pageant queen, the crude-talking talk show - these *were* a trend, he *was* deplorable. Hillary found a meme to pour all Donald's water into rather than carry it for him. And the rest, let's hope, is herstory.


    Trump supporter Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke speaks openly about violence against government


    The Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence supports voter suppression


    Major Evangelicals still support Trump despite his physical,assaults against women


    Hillary undercounted the deplorables.

    Again, well put rmrd.

    There are so many issues affecting our nation and our nation's Election Day...

    Yeah, Mike Pence is a prick who would deny as many dem's or potential dems a chance to vote.

    But Evangelicals, whoever the hell they are....(hahahahah) Oh and I believe that Hillary has these numbers right...cannot agree on much since the label is meaningless.

    But that is for another blog.

    But, Bill Maher agrees with you totally. hahahahahah




    John McCain is suggesting that Republicans may block all the nominees Hillary Clinton puts forth for the Supreme Court if she is elected.


    ​The Republicans want a dictatorship. No Republican is worthy of respect.


    RMRD How would I disagree with this.

    But McCain is an old old man and since I am an old man; go ahead and label me as an ageist. hahahahah

    To McCain there is no right or wrong; there is just the right wing and that is how he has voted for a century. hahahah

    ​The repubs of course would only wish for a dictatorship if the dictator were republican in nature.

    Oh here is another song I play all the time. hahhahaah

    Cheer up, no one shall be illuminated. hahahah

    It is always how one looks at something or someone or....

    John McCain is a pussy (I guess that word's back out in the open) - Hillary can already outdrink him, and he passed his shelf-life 8-10 years ago. I guarantee there will be more engagement with Hillary in the White House - I imagine she'll come visit Ye Ol' Senate Building and have these punks cowering in their seats. They're awfully brave when back in their districts giving speeches to their suckups or when no one's in their face, but just as Paul Ryan has shown so well, they've no clue how to handle conflict. She won't go quietly into the night as Obama largely has - I'm sure she'll have a few pressure tactics up her sleeves. Shame Hunter Thompson isn't still with us to refrain, "When they go low... the weird turn pro". Gonzo Government for Dummies.

    My theory is that McCain wanted something more egregious than Palin to be remembered by.

    I'd guess he just wants to be relevant, and supporting self-defeating foreign military adventures seems out of fashion this year, and after 8 years of relative quiet, the question remains "what have you done for me lately?" But certainly he can be credited for proferring the most certifiably unqualified nominee for the White House in modern times by a long shot - until Donald of course. 

    The GOP is now controlled by a racist, wingnut base. Any Republican who compromises will be punished by facing an election challenge.

    But she has great hatred in her heart or some such nonsense! LOL.

    Mike, I think about this subject sometimes.

    I have nothing but hate toward Trump.

    And maybe this is a fault.

    But when one has two hundred faults.....well one can see where earthquakes come from....to end a thought with a preposition. hahahaha

    Yeah, I can see where she has hatred in her heart.

    And as i NOTED before, how can some asshole who makes thirty thou a year send 60 bucks to a self proclaimed billionaire?


    There is only stupidity.

    And I know not much, but I know a lot about stupidity. hahahaha

    Don't even like to think about justice.  Trump's only comeuppance for an entire career of lying and bullying is that he doesn't get to be president?  Almost nobody gets to be president!

    Captain Obvious, you have hit another HOME RUN!  

    It's right up there with my latest expression that keeps me from the depths of depression:  "Everybody Dies."

    New Clinton ad out on Trump and Alex Jones, the Fuhrer and Propaganda Minister of Deplorables:



    Ingenious , but as the Brits say ' too clever by half'.

    Hillary shouldn't let herself, and we shouldn't let ourselves, dismiss so many people so easily. Sure, some of them are people whom you'd cross the street to avoid. Rightly. But that many people? I can be as misanthropic as the next person but I don't want to let myself think, and  don't think  , that large a % of the human race is so , well, deplorable.

    Factually I expect his supporters mostly look like us, think like us and act like us. For good or ill. Drive the car too fast , but  also stop and get out to help a woman who's dropped her groceries in the parking lot.

     They're just wrong about Trump. Probably out of their current unhappiness-a credit card bill they know they ought to wipe out, but they can't- they've given in and let him appeal to their worst side.

    And I think that's what HRC thinks too , most of the time. "Deplorables"  was just something  that slipped out on a bad day when she gave in to  her worst side. Happens.

    End of sermon. Time to go out and drive too fast . By a woman who's dropped her groceries.


    Too deplorable by half. It's not "just wrong about Trump" - the "deplorable" ones are backing Trump for deplorable reasons. It's like the people who leave the lights on and idle their SUV unnecessarily just to irritate a tree hugger - it's not just a policy difference - many are actively choosing the antisocial, hateful path. Sure, there are those who simply think Hillary is more dangerous, evil, dishonest, whatever - and then there are those who think "law and order" is delivered through tasers and smashball tactics, that women are just vaginas on legs, that all immigrants are lower human beings, that the US has the right to plunder other countries - especially Muslim ones, that the best government is a thoroughly crippled and corrupt one, that we have no responsibility to the earth aside from taking as much from it as quickly as we can....

    The Republicans have appealed to and built up the deplorable base for decades, and now you're saying it can't be true because there are too many people? Fox and Rush and Clear Channel have been successful, that's all, they've ministered and proselytized and gathered like souls as if there were no tomorrow. Except that when you fill the klown kar with that many power drunken raging assholes, they are more than likely to drive into a wall or a ditch or both. For those that say that they're just along for the ride, better to to take a joy ride with someone full of a bit more joy and a bit less hate.

    They earned the word "Deplorable" - for those that are concerned about it, let them walk away, as many are doing. "Basket of Deplorables" was probably too nice - bucket of swill would do, where the scum rises to the top. Now that they've made their strategy to appease the most truculent, insatiable, deplorable, it was clear that they'd continue to run purity tests on each successive generation of leader. Some like Michelle Bachmann are just loony enough to have staying power - they can always be counted on to freak out that extra 10-20% to please their base. But even a Paul Ryan has trouble staying on the steadily upward curve of crazy - eventually most of them peter out and get left by the wayside - spines too supple to stay the Tea Bagger course that demands a more manly obstreperous spirit. Rave and rage on, dudes - of course they'll always find someone to blame their failure on - I just care that they fail.

    Two-thirds of Trump,supporters believe Obama is a Muslim


    ​Trump supporters have more negative views of blacks


    They are not sympathetic people.

    To be continued ....... after Hillary wins. 

    Non-Deplorables: Podhoretz speaks up on Marybeth Glenn's Tweetstorm -  someone's listening.

    Men are more used to providing context to these things, like "so I was massaging your best friend's back in one of the back rooms with the lights off - she had a cramp and a headache - I was just doing it for you cause I thought you valued her friendship..."

    It's about to get much harder on us, chaps.

    Trump has exposed the white Evangelicals and Protestants.

    44% of white Evangelicals think sexual abuser Donald Trump has high moral character. 30% of white non-Evangelical Protestants think Trump has high moral character. Only 18% of atheists agree.


    Personally, I think she underestimated the number of "deplorables." I think she was spot on (just as Obama was with his "clinging to their guns and relgion.") Trump likes to say he isn't politically correct, and this was probably the most politically incorrect, but accurate, statement of the whole campaign on her part. My biggest concern is not that a jerk like trump could run for president (any idiot can do that) but that millions of people think it was a good idea and support him. They aren't going to just go away when he loses. They'll still be living amongst us, looking for someone who believes the very same things, but comes in a little less offensive packaging.

    The country was already on a path of degradation that began with Mitch McConnell saying his number one goal was to make Obama a one term president, in the midst of the worst recession in ages, and before he even had a chance to do ANYTHING, let alone something bad. That was followed by Joe Walsh's "liar" comment, which set the stage for the total disrespect, not only of Obama himself, but the presidency as an institution. It's emboldened the repubs to turn the government on it's head, to the point now where they've decided to shun their duty to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court in hopes they'll get to fill it instead of the Democrats. And now we hear John McCain say they may not fill it the whole time Hillary is in office.

    Trump is making us a laughing stock on the world stage. He has spit on the constitution and every institution that made this country the best in the world. And the more outrageous he gets, the more his cult followers applaud him. They talk of revolution and coups. And they consider themselves patriots.

    Even after Hillary wins, they will do to her what they've done to Obama. They will attempt to continue down the same road in hopes that by the time they get the White House again, there will be something to salvage. And they've got millions spurring them on. I HATE what they've done to this country. I don't know how we rebound from it. 

    So yeah, they're deplorable. And as far as I'm concerned, that's putting it mildly.

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