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    Hi Daggers? Or Dagsters? Or umm, okay whatever you want to be called. 

    First, I love you all, we've all fought tooth and nails over the years, and it's been fun sometimes and other times horrible, maybe because I mostly like you all. So right now I am not going to give into fear, I'm not going to relive this election either. What happened has happened. It sucks so much. But we need to move forward and quickly.

    Wednesday was a day of revelation for me. I have so many LGBTQ friends, and one of them, my friend Matty wrote an inspirational paragraph on Facebook. Suddenly it hit me, holy shit, I do need to do something, quit crying and take action!

    So in the 26th LD in 2018 I am running to unseat the local Republican in our state legislature. We cannot keep moving forward if we don't try to make that change ourselves. I haven't run for office since Student Council! LOL, but I am going to do this.

    Anyhow, some of you should join me, do that in your local districts, city or county council. How can we stop the Gerrymandering of our government, we have to be our government. Join me in action Daggers.

    So we flick this shit off our shoulders, and we take our country back. Run for office, let's change America.

    Oh and wish me luck, I am going to work as hard as I can to win and take that seat from a Republican. I am going to make sure Washington State keeps it Alternative Energy Subsidies which expire in 2020, keep our carbon taxes and keep moving our state forward. I will insist we end the Gerrymander of legislative districts in my state and others must get elected at the state level to do this in their state.  Let's do this!!


    Just fabulous. That gives me a lot of heart. And when it's time, tell me where to send the check.

    God, that's great.

    Go for it, Tmc! And let us know what we can do to help.

    A hearty Good For You!  You've already won because you're ready, able and prepared to move past the hand-wringing and on to the hard work of taking our country back again - one piece at a time.  I already pity those who doubt you!  

    Even though I live in Virginia I will happily donate to your campaign.  When you get things set up, post it here, and I will send you some $$!

    So proud of you!

    I'm willing to help.

    Tmac, what are the boundaries of your district?  I'm sure we all have friends who could be alerted.

    These are the boundaries of my voting district. I have a youtube channel and will probably get some help  using it to present my policies for the 26th LD. Everything is just beginning! I'll keep you all updated.

    If you do know people here, excellent let them know! I think my son who is 30 is going to run against the other Republican incumbent, he and I were discussing it this morning. We head to the 26 LD Meeting on Dec 1st to run to take some of those positions held by old white guys.  And then we will begin to expand membership.

    We will definitely not take this sitting down and for now I'm ignoring Dems in national office, fuck em, we have to this from down here not up there.

    Woo-hoo!!  Great!!  Go for it!!

    Thanks everyone I'll keep you all posted on everything! Thanks for the good wishes. Let's not dwell, let's move on and get out there and make America Progressive Again!

    Great idea! let us know how we can pitch in!

    Hey Teresa . . .


    GO FOR IT!

    My gift to you on your adventure....


    See: #safetypin




    You're brave. And right.

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