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    Indiana under Republican Rule: “Pro-Business” Policy Disappoints outside the Sunbelt

    Apparently decrepit Reaganomics is providing less than expectant results in solid red Indiana: 

    Republicans keen to tout the supposed superiority of their preferred economic model often cite booming Sunbelt states like Texas or Tennessee as evidence that it works. They don’t talk as much about less successful red states like Kansas or West Virginia. A look at solid red Indiana and its poor performance shows the limits of conservative economic policies. Absent favorable external factors like warm weather, the conservative approach has failed to generate demo­graphic and economic success in states like Indiana.

    The Hoosier state has had a Republican governor since Mitch Daniels was elected in 2004. It has been a Republican “trifecta” state, with GOP majorities in both houses of the legislature, since 2011. When Daniels was elected, Indiana’s per capita disposable income was only 90.5 percent of the U.S. average. The governor’s top priority was raising the state’s lagging incomes; indeed, Daniels said his administration’s “central objective was to raise the disposable income of Hoosiers.”1 His strategy for achieving this was business-centric, focused on “building the best sandbox for businesses to play in.”


    Arizona siphons off welfare funds for abusive "child protection" and ti plug random holes in it's budget - a free lunch that Conservatives complain about.


    Behooves to keep in mind that the main thing you can't hide from in your local politics profile that middle class and higher people really do pay attention to in addition to beside education and security : taxes, taxes, taxes and any other taxes.

    for example this just came up via a google

    Is NYC better than Florida?

    The biggest advantage Florida has over New York is its lower overall tax burden. The higher your income is, the bigger the advantage living in Florida has over New York on this one factor.

    from Moving To Florida

    People will give up a lot of other benefits if you take less of their money away, especially if they are a small business who can't handle the paperwork that goes along with a multitude of bullshit taxes here there and everywhere, so that they don't even know what's going to be taken from them until after the fact so they can't even plan for it and have to live in fear of the state and local tax man

    The money and lack of fear and lack of paperwork can go a long way to making up for things like mishandling of and lying about a pandemic or even poor schools. You just shrug that off and say it's for the stupids, you're taking care of you and yours by being vaccinated and going to good doctors and sending the kids to parochial school

    p.s. And the security thing is one of the main reasons I was freaking out about the Geo. Floyd protests virtually 100% against blue city governments. If even the left isn't happy with what they are doing with the tax money on that front, and you're not happy as well, what reason is there to stay and keep paying?

    More to Reagan than just Reaganomics
    Quite the traditional values they've developed.

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