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    Joe Scarborough Eviscerates Elizabeth Hasselbeck...

    Just watch this clip. All I can say is, why does Elisabeth always insist on acting the fool? Only to be treated the fool by a dude I don't generally agree with.


    You know, if you started posting here full-time, I'd actually consider reading stuff on this site and commenting ;)

    I only came here to stalk you, you know. So likewise I am sure Wolfy!

    Stalk away! And you need to join up here, I say! One, you're great. And two, it looks like a typical sausage-fest blog with nothing but guys. Because Orlando isn't pitching in even a little as far as suggesting a woman posts here ;)

    Hey, I HEARD that!

    Jeez. Calm down, dude.



    And now, because you flatter me, *flashes eyelashes*  and vows to post here at least once a day, in order to break up the sausage fest.

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