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    JOLEE and remembrances of things past

    There was a memorial for my deceased sister today.

    I had sent my son a homily for her, and his sister ended up giving the homily.

    That was because he had to accompany his wife to the hospital where she delivered my second grand daughter.

    What is her name?

    Jolee Diane Day!

    I cannot stop crying. Diane was my sister!

    And I received these pix right as it all happened.

    My son will not permit me to publish any pix of his children, and I do not blame him.

    But 9 ½ pounds for chrissakes!

    Now the new parents have one real worry.

    That the child will not aspirate her own vomit.

    I told Seany that that is my real fear in life; that is why I always sleep in the fetal position.


    I never saw my son surrounded by women. Hahahahaha

    If you knew him fifteen years ago, you would never ever guess this situation.

    I just keep thinking about Noela. I mean does she understand that this little doll will be with her forever?

    Anyway, the little brat loves her new sister.

    Mommy loves her new baby.

    Daddy loves mommy and both his little girls.

    Life can be so damned hard at times.

    But sometimes, there are good times and there are good feelings and there are good outcomes.

    Everybody is happy right now, including me.

    And I am NEVER happy. Hhahahhahahahah

    I mean I make it a point to never be happy.


    Oh and Sean's Mom is always there and cares for Noela a couple times a week and Ashley's Mom is coming down to the cities to help her daughter care for two children for the next couple of weeks and all these people, including my daughter are there to help them out.


    They are going to be OKAY.

    And sometimes life can be more than OKAY!


    There is a consonant missing of course. hahahah


    All righty then!






    Oh, Dick! How marvelous!!

    The amazing thing about life is that it just keeps going. And isn't it wonderful that we can still be so amazed by it!

    There's a little bit of you in that brand new baby girl, you're part of why she is the unique, one-of-a-kind star that she is. So be happy, be proud. You did good!

    Welcome to the world, Miss Jolee Diane Day. We've been saving a spot just for you.

    Welcome to the world, Miss Jolee Diane Day.


    We have been saving a spot just for you?

    Oh Missy, now I can cry with happiness and sorrow all at the same time. hahahahahha

    My son has astounded me over the last few years.

    He is a nice man who takes responsibility.

    And his sister is right there to help him out and his wife is right  there and ...

    Holy  cow!

    I love these people!

    There  is  hope.

    And I feel it!

    I was embarrassed.

    but damn

    This is the single nicest thing ever said about  me and mine.

    I hereby render unto Missy, the single greatest line of the Day to this here Dagblog, the single greatest line I ever read, given to all of her from all of me.

    I had to wait.

    My feelings are so damn irregular. hahahahahahah



    As we fenian say, mozel tov!  (And props for picking a Miley song)

    Oh Jolly, I love this song and I never really knew who Miley was. hahahahah

    I was looking for Dolly and I could not embed as it were, hahahahahah

    Oh I have been feeling soooooooooo down.

    And then this happens.

    It has beeeeeeen a very good day.

    And I had the  opportunity to meet a wonderful new Day!


    First Sad and then Wonderful news!   A new Day has begun, just as an old one has ended.  The circle of Life, indeed.


    Life goes on, and we

    go on with it ... 'til we don't ...

    but never mind that. 

       Just enjoy the happiness.  

      Blessings on your new grandchild.

    Mr. Smith, this new Day has the full support of an extended family.

    She is going to do just fine.

    She has the parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles all pulling for her.

    Life can be good sometimes. 


    This is indeed wonderful news.  I've been told grandparenting is the fun stuff.  Enjoy...

    Oh Austin, I get so damn mad all the time.

    Popular people attack minorities and women and poor folks and....

    But there are good people out there in the universe doing good and attempting to be good.

    And there are the loveable.

    My kids are working hard and attempting to do good; they are gooooood people.

    And now I have two grandkids who are loved and who are cared for and who will have a wonderful life.

    Like I told Smith, life can be goooooooooood.


    Mazel tov, DD! I'm so happy for you!

    SEE you make my day again!

    Thank you so very much.

    Yes, I am having a happy day, hell two happy days.

    And I just discovered a new HAPPY DAY!


    Congratulations DD.

    When things settle down  I hope you'll tell me about the picture..  

    There are several pix actually.

    There is a picture of a 9.4 lb blob of flesh crying like a person finding herself in hell. hahahah

    Then 'they' wrap her up like an Amerindian Squaw might wrap up her baby.

    Grandma is holding the new baby.

    Then there are two pix of Mommy holding her baby on the bed with Precious looking inquisitive. hahah

    ​Precious ends up being the 'star' of course. I swear, when I saw my son decades ago, he looked like a child movie star and so does Precious.

    But Precious could really star in movies. hahahaha

    And now she has to figure out who her new doll is.

    This story is unfolding, and everyone is healthy and cared for.



    Congratulations.  You will have twice as much to brag about.  

    Sorry I was late with this.  I have been under the weather so to speak.  I am on the mend now and back at it. 


    You stay on the mend Momoe.

    Too many people depend on you.

    Don't scare me like this.

    It discombobulates me.

    Get well.

    Damn, now I am worried.

    Those kids need you.

    And I have depended upon your judgment for years!


    I am fine now.  Did spend a week in bed and a trip to the ER.  I went to a specialist a year ago after I got Medicare to get this fixed.  But they were just interested in running tests to collect on my insurance.  They never did treat the low grade infection.  I kid you not that they told me I was full of poop and gas.  Boy was I embarrassed when I left.  Gave me 2 scripts that my part D would not cover.  One was for that med that has the pipe people commercial with leaky pipes and some hormones. I tried the samples and that was it because didn't work. 

    I finished my Sunday blog at Kos and had the big kids take me to a private hospital with a ER.  Flashed my Medicare Card and they took me right in.  I have always had to go to the county supported non-profit hospital.  Lay in the hall way while they bring in all the shootings with police escorts and crazy people. I was put in a nice little room and they did their assessments. Sent it all off to the lab.  A little later they came back and told me I had a unusual bacterial infection and they would have me all fixed up in a few hours.  My BP is normal even though I am not slender and no sugar.  That had raised their eyebrows a little.  So then they said you must walk a lot and exercise.  That made my grand daughter in law giggle. They gave me an IV with meds to jump started the antibiotics.  Sent me home with a couple of scripts and instructions. that my part D covered because they asked who I was using.   In a week I was better.  After 2 years that was all it took.  It started after I had the kidney stone but I didn't have insurance until last summer. $4 prescriptions for antibiotics from Walmart did not cure it that the health clinic gave me.  

    What can I say this is Florida. I certainly feel better.  Damn I didn't want to high jack your nice gand baby blog. 

    Hey, Momoe, so sorry you've been feeling under the weather.  I hope you feel better and better.  Glad you have insurance now. (Damn government, eh?)


    What a story and what a great endorsement of Medicare.

    I had no idea you had been this ill for soooooo very long.

    like the Grandaughter though!

    And we all know that it is the repubs who are full of poop and gas!


    Congratulations, Richard.  Two little girls to spoil.  Won't that be fun?  (So glad you're happy.  Even though you're NEVER happy.  Hahahahahaha.)

    Hi Ramona.

    I was just going to your blog and caught this.

    For one thing, we can all pray for Momoe!

    Actually, I thought about all of this.

    Noela is going to 'lose' her daddy.

    I mean, Daddy was her whole life.

    Does that mean Precious lost  her Mommy?


    Some day, and at some time, Precious will know that Daddy is not her very own. hahahah

    Daddy is supposed to watch and care for Precious all the time!


    So, Jolene!

    Even without the consonant.


    ​Oh and Daddy assures me that Precious does treat her new sister as a wonderful baby.

    Precious will love and kiss and hug this new bag of flesh.

    It is all sooooo very nice.

    (I have no idea where this all came from?)

    This has nothin to do with nothin.

    I just thought about this old song that I have not used for awhile.



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