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    Lyin Ryan or Feats of Atlast Shrugging

    Paul Ryan, well he just can't stop lying can he, first we find out that his entire speech at the RNC was riddled with outright lies. I think my favorite lie is that the GM plant that closed in 2008 is Obama's fault! I love the guy's logic, his reason, he is John Galt, he is a genius.

    Then there was the farcical marathon lie, lies really if you count exactly what he said; Hewitt asked Ryan if he ran marathons, plural, to which Lyin Ryan answered yes, but not anymore, because I have a bad back, I just do 10 now, which is something for a guy with a bad back. But of course we all know his singular marathon was not run as a the greatest congressional sprinter, but at an acceptable, but not good enough to portray him as a superman, just an acceptable runner. Hey I've never run a marathon in my life, I've avoided running if at all possible, so 4 hours seems like a great time to me, for doing one marathon, why the lie? Oh, right, because it doesn't make him Galt enough.

    Well Paul Ryan must be some sort of loon, because I understand he claimed to have climbed the 40 Colorado Mountain Peaks above 14,000 feet! Wow, that is quite a deal, I live 35 miles from Rainier, and I can't imagine climbing just one peak like that, it is incredibly dangerous, we lose expert climbers up there every year, very, very remote and well dangerous. But Lyin Ryan had to make the claim he was an elite climber and has now had to backtrack on that claim of his. Hmm makes you wonder. But here is the as told by James Fallows at the Atlantic, Paul Ryan has claimed to have climbed 40 of Colorado's 54 peaks above 14,000 feet. Paul Ryan made that claim to his hometown newspaper. That is quite a feat if Paul Ryan did that, seriously. Anyway Fallows  and Ryan's claim does seem, well you know, like quite the accomplishment.  But anyway, now the Romney campaign is claiming that what Paul Ryan said, isn't really what he said, read Fallows article for the update.

    But guess what folks, when Romney loses and he will lose, they will now blame it on Lyin Ryan, a man who cannot stop lying!


    Great find and post tmac.  Hope Fallows and others make sure this is published by MSM multiple times.

    All the sweeter coming on the heels of Clinton calling him out on faux  attacks on Obama, 'It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.'

    Very nice.  Appreciate.


    The guy cannot stop lying? I don't get it, and what is up with Romney picking this guy, this guy is a worse pick than Sarah Palin. Who knew you could get worse than that!

    The lies just keep piling up.  Love the Fallows piece and I'm sharing it everywhere I can.  Thanks.

    Now no one will ever believe anything he's ever said, everything is a lie, he just wants people to think he is a superman, with 6% body fat, I also doubt that very much, I still train, every single day of my life and I just doubt he has a 6% body fat, that isn't healthy. I have to have 15-17% body fat to keep healthy and able to fully train every day of my life.  I doubt everything he says, is he even a man, was he ever elected, really, I mean wow, did he really drive the Weiner mobile? Is his real name Paul?

    There's nothing on Huffington nor any other site I've visited today - including TPM, Politico about the Fallows report.  ????? 

    Has anyone seen Paul Ryan and Jon Lovitz at the same time. Just askin'

    I hear Paul Ryan won the Dayton 500

    Yeah , that's the ticket

    (Ancient cultural reference )

    Love the Jon Lovitz reference next to Ryan!  (in addition to his SNL career, if you're in the mood for a really campy movie comedy, check out Rat Race).  Ok, so Ryan has more and better hair.  Still, the similarities seem increasingly to outweigh the differences...

    Paul Ryan: the Jon Lovitz of American politics.  I'd love to see Lovitz come back to SNL and do Ryan.  Hey, Tina Fey so memorably did Palin last time...

    Reaction of a female friend and work colleague a moment ago to the suggestion: Except I couldn’t imagine Jon Lovitz running a marathon in 4 days, let alone 4 hours.

    Me: Yeah, but you know those special effects folks and stagehands can do amazing things to fool the cameras.

    Smitty, what do you think?  Didn't you say you used to work for SNL?  Do you know anyone still there?  


    Interestingly, Jon Lovitz recently blasted Obama for taxing the rich

    I'm glad somebody remembered the parody.

    Saint Courageous Budget Hawk Iron Man Lyin Ryan said at Atlantic link to hometown paper that he "has made close to 40 climbs of Colorado's "Fourteeners" (14,000-foot peaks)."

    So maybe he climbed one forty times. Step to 14,000, step back to 13,998, back to 14,000, back off to 13,999, step back on top, step over the other side to 13,997, step back up to the top...... you get the idea. Self-aggrandizement GOP style. Who could expect a Republican to tell the truth, they are a fact free organization!

    My favorite: Budget Hawk, Iron Man, Lyin'Ryan! Hahahah awesome.

    NCD - Again, thanks to Fallows - for me, as you noted, this clarifies it and pretty much debunks his attempt to walk it back. 

    1) Craig Gilbert, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote the original story, back in 2009, about Ryan's mountain-climbing record. He has now written an update and amplification of exactly what Ryan told him then. Here are relevant parts from the original interview:

    Ryan: "My mom was very outdoorsy ... We spent our summers doing backpacking trips in the (Colorado) back-country, you know, Snowmass Lake, Capital Peak, spent all our summers doing that ... went all over White River National Forest, just the whole Elk range. I mean I've climbed every fourteener in that range and the three around there ... So I got into climbing fourteeners when I was 12, with my brother, Stan. My mom got us into that."

    Question: "How many fourteeners have you climbed? Or how many times?"

    Ryan: "38. I think that's my last count."

    Question: "Those are just climbing peaks that are 14,000 feet?"

    Ryan: "I've done it 38 times. ... I've done 38, but I think the number of unique peaks is something like twenty... no, no it's like thirty or something like that. I counted it up a year or two ago."

    Question: "Most of those in Colorado?"

    Ryan: "All of them are in Colorado. So I think I've climbed like 28 (peaks), and I've done it 38 times, because I've done a number of them a few times. So I was, you know, kind of into that stuff."



    I have this to say to Ryan, real men climb volcanoes, & they measure them in meters.

    There are no major volcanoes in Colorado, as TMMc said, try the Cascade Range for challenges, Shasta, Hood, Baker and Rainier.

    Yeah Paul Ryan is made of lies, I am pretty convinced of that fact. He couldn't walk the Longmire trails which is at the base of Rainier. Heh... but he'd like to say he's been to Paradise and beyond, he will probably tell people he's skied the glacier.. backwards! Heh..

    Ryan is still trying to segregate Clinton and Obama. How smart could this guy be---his answer to a question on the subject led him into a flat out statement that Bush's term ended in financial disaster---he knows, he was there.

    Great post, Tmc.

    He can't stop lying! I think he has a personal problem, our John Paul Galt Ryan, the Budget Hawk, Iron Marathon Man!

    Thanks  Oxy.

    Just for fun...



    Paul Ryan is just a symptom. The disease is the GOP itself. They rolled out a new ad in Ohio with a disaffected former Obama voter tells us why she is voting for Romney. The only problem is that the  "former Obama voter" in the ad is a GOP staffer who has worked for Republicans well before Obama's 2008 campaign". Caught red-handed, Republicans say the ad is not dishonest. 

    Ryan is just part of the new Republican norm.

    Thanks for this, flower, it got sent to friends and family in Wisconsin and was enjoyed by all who received it smiley

    Flower.. hahaha nice.

    "Runner who first questioned Paul Ryan's marathon time speaks out", Chris Moody, Yahoo! News, today.

    When Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said during an August radio interview that he once ran a marathon in less than three hours, North Carolina runner Bill Walker was impressed, but wanted more details.

    The 63-year-old attorney, who has run four sub-three-hour marathons since college, posted a simple question on a message board for, a national online forum for runners. "In an Aug. 22 interview by Hugh Hewitt, Representative Ryan said he had run a marathon in 'two hour and fifty something,'" Walker wrote on the message board. "Does anyone know the marathon and the year?"

    In little time, hundreds of skeptical runners on the message board started questioning Ryan's claim that his best marathon time was "two hour and fifty something." The thread went viral. The day after Walker posted his question, Runner's World writer Scott Douglas started examining it. Turns out Ryan never ran a marathon in that time; a campaign spokesman was forced to walk back the comment.

    And it all started with one question on a message board.

    "I just wanted to know," Walker said in an interview posted Wednesday on "If he had really run a marathon in that range, I would be impressed because I know the effort that goes into a sub-three-hour marathon. But, if he was lying or really stretching the truth, I thought that would be significant since he had just been nominated to run for Vice-President on the Republican ticket."

    Walker says he is a registered Republican, but will be voting for President Barack Obama in November.


    Kudos AD!  At least his lies sometimes benefit us!

    Maybe this guy will start a North Carolina Republicans for Obama group that takes off.  Romney is on the ropes and sounds more desperate by the day.  If North Carolina goes Obama this thing's starting to look like the sort of broad-based drubbing and repudiation this scorched earth GOP has been defiantly daring the so-far slumbering electorate to deliver.  If there's enough time to generate a late-peaking tidal wave, who knows, maybe that Democratic House we so need will move within reach?  Fire the House Republican majority.

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