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    Male Genital Mutilation--end the madness


    Some of us will be heartened (if left wistful...) to learn that a peculiar category of infant sexual abuse is receiving critical, albeit inappropriately tolerant, examination in Denmark.  (It's always them Scandinavians in the vanguard; but I digress...)


    Now I put it to you that, were any other gram or two of flesh unceremoniously (or, far worse, ceremoniously) to be sliced from, say the earlobe of a seven day old infant, CPS would be called in.


    It's ok,though, cause it's only his dick.


    Leaving aside the occasional catastrophe, it would seem pretty basic that this is the sort of body modification that ought to require the informed consent of the body owner.


    Denmark is now in agreement, at least in principle.


    Why, yes--yes I am bitter.




    Parenthetically, vis-a-vis the origin of this superstition, I've always wondered (ruling out for the obvious reasons a divine demand as covenantory token) who was the first lucky circumcisee, and why?

    See "JackAss - the Ancient Prequel"

    You and your ilk have been trying to pass laws against circumcision for more than 2000 years.  It was a law like that that ignited the Maccabee rebellion which established the First Jewish Commonwealth.  You don't learn from history, do you?  Happy Chanukah!

    The vast majority of circumcisions aren't done by Jews or for religious reasons. Laws could be passed that had a religious exemption and would likely not be very controversial. Most circumcisions are done simply because a doctor recommends it to the parents for health reasons who just go along with their doctors recommendation.

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