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    Mitt Romney is the 1% of the 47%

    Well everyone has heard about Romney's latest gaffe, which does make me wonder if he is or is not really a liberal undercover, cause, really??? I mean, one week to the day of his last biggest gaffe, he does it again, he inserts his both feet and his hands in his mouth, ending his presidential dreams. No more padding his resume. It's done. Most disconcerting is that he really seems to believe that the little people, 47% of Americans, just want a handout from the government, and they are victims, and that is why they will vote for the other guy no matter what, FREE STUFF! Hell, according to the Mittster, these people, who are living off the Good People, the Not 47%, don't even pay federal income taxes. OMG, wait a minute MITT ROMNEY DOESN'T PAY INCOME TAXES EITHER! If these shiftless lazy people do happen to pay some federal income taxes it is at a very low rate, wait, oh my god, JUST LIKE MITT ROMNEY.

    It's so weird too, I think Romney just wants hand outs, I mean does he have his own sewage treatment plant for each of his abodes?  Does he have his own wells on every property? Does he have his own power plants for the aforementioned abodes? I mean, he has a car elevator, doesn't he need his own power plant for that?   Did he build those roads he drives his cars on? Did he build his own airport? Where does he put his garbage? Does he pay exorbitant amounts of mu-llah for insurance for his wife? He wouldn't want to take advantage of a government handout would he? The Mittster doesn't believe in  government handouts like those lazy shiftless people who don't pay federal income taxes, JUST LIKE MITT ROMNEY.  

    Mitt doesn't pay taxes, or if he does he pays very little, just like the 47% of people who don't pay or pay very low rates of federal income taxes. Don't let the Mittster fool you, he uses plenty of government services, planes, trains, automobiles, water, electricity, sewage, garbage, he benefits from all the regulations we benefit from, maybe more so, because he has money so he can make sure he is getting the deal of a lifetime. And he is, because Mitt Romney doesn't pay federal income taxes, which is why he won't show anyone his taxes. By his own definition he is lazy and shiftless.

    In all seriousness, the man has a deep disdain for people in who are struggling, he has pinned them as victims and those who just want hand outs. He lacks empathy for the poor and for those dealt a raw hand in life.  He and his side kick Eddie Munster believe in a hateful social Darwinism, a cruel in its banal view of society. They really do think the reason they got where they are is because they are smarter, better and all of this is proven by their material wealth. Wow.

    Stick a fork in it baby, it is over.


    Second fork metaphor. hahhahahahahah

    I love this video; taking the curtain away and demonstrating the true wizard of id.

    We must keep underlining this gift from Corn!

    I am just amazed.

    I mean truth from a felonious Wall Streeter like Mitt?

    Are we to ignore the true motives underlining this charlatan?

    We shall never forget!

    And the other shoes drops... Mitt Romney on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He trashes the peace process and says there can never be peace, also reinforces the reasons he thinks Iran is a problem and is probably the proposition he would rely on as his always out there threat,  going to  war with Iran as soon as he is elected. But he is never going to be elected.

    correction double posted

    Wonder just how tickled 'Lyin Ryan' is now about being a part of this 'team'.  They so deserve each other. 

    Your post nailed it too, very nicely.cheeky

    Thanks Auntie, Mitt Romney screws up more every day, did you see his hair at his press conference last night... hahahaha.. he looked like well, not like Mitt Romney, his hair is usual perfect!

    Thanks to you ,Richard Day and chthonic for covering this .

    I can't refrain from repeating the obvious, but correct, comment made by several : Romney is voicing exactly what nearly all  the 1% think.

    For my sins I spent several years attending board of directors meetings .What Romney said is exactly what was said at the lunches that followed. Along with two old standbys: complaints that mothers took  infants onto planes (their crying was sometimes audible  in first class), and  blacks wanted to be called "blacks" instead of negroes. 

    The cliches about the 1% are true. Well about most of them. There was the occasional director who  looked silently at his plate while these trusty old shibbelothes were rolled out.

    Yes, he is voicing what the conservative 1% believe, that any person who hasn't been bestowed by God with money, money, money are people who just want a free hand out, who are lazy, shiftless, because if God loved them, they would be rich, if they really were good, they'd be rich.  Social Darwinism, alive and well in 2012. Mostly because conservatives reject science! I seethe with disdain for those wealthy losers myself, in that they certainly seem to believe they achieved their great wealth on their own, after their dad's gave it to them.

    We are lucky that the Mittster is revealing just how class conscious he and his buddies are, just how they need to be victims themselves, they are just victims of the rest of us who want their money and no one wants to do anything for it except them. It is quite amazing to watch, no doubt about it.

    A tanka haiku for 09-17-12:


    A date which will live

    in toast-dom.Romney insults 

    half of the country.

    Half the country's lazy bums?

    Ayn Rand has rotted his brain.


    To say the 47% of this nation simply wish to sit around and take money from the government for doing nothing is an insult to everyone that has ever needed assistance to get over a tough patch of terrain. But beyond that, it shows a fundamental lack of understanding about what this country is about and what role government plays in people's lives. This day will be remembered as the day the absurdly anti-American belief of Romney and the extremists in the GOP, that "The elites deserve, and everyone else is lazy and a drain on society", was shown to be what it is; heartless, mean-spirited and an outrageous attempt to establish an American plutocracy. It is the day Americans need to stand up and say, "I am NOT lazy and un-motivated to work. I have rightfully been given assistance when needed, by a government that wants me to succeed." We are not 300 million individuals living in separate bunkers, we are the United States, individuals, brought together, by choice, through common goals and values. America is NOT every man for themselves, it is everyone working together, striving to form a 'more perfect union.' Romney accuses me of not paying taxes, because I get a tax refund every year ... As if I don't pay taxes in other forms every single day of my life, from sales taxes, to property taxes, to state and city taxes. He's a damned liar. Perhaps if the trickle down theory actually worked, I'd make enough to reach the threshold of owing taxes, but I don't, because Romney and the other elites believe that all breaks should be given to the 'job creators', and not to the loyal and skilled workers that make up the American workforce. Romney also believe that if I don't agree with his vision, then, as President, he would have the right to ignore me and only be the President for his supporters. These ideas are anathema to me and should be to all Americans. A President is the leader of the entire country, not just the 50 percent plus one that elected them. My families have been here from the very founding of this country. I am proud to have ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary war. I am proud to be an American, but I am not proud of this short-sighted, selfish, uncaring, unfeeling vision for America's future. I reject that kind of cynicism and Romney's belief that Americans are lazy and want to do nothing but sit around and take money from the government. Shame on Romney for not understanding what the America of the average, struggling middle class person is all about. Romney is the last thing America needs and I am confident that Romney and his cynical, heartless beliefs will be consigned to the ash-bin of history in November.

    Well said, smitty!  I hope you'll consider sending or posting this or some version of it to other public fora if and as you see fit.

    Nice Mr. Smith, and I agree. Romney is the last thing America needs, and he certainly is letting America know that!

    I'm no fan of the democrats but how on earth di the republican part become a party Barney Fifes and Sharif Lobos and Thurston Howells ?

    That is an insult to Barney Fife! Hahaha...

        I thought Romney was less cruel towards the poor than other Republicans, because he said "we need a safety net". But now he is talking like Ron Paul, saying NOBODY should get help from the government(except maybe the rich). Obama is hurting the poor and the sick, but the Republicans would be worse, which is one reason to hold your nose and vote for Obama.

    Obama isn't hurting the poor and the sick, ACA disproves that entire little missive of yours. I am not holding my nose and voting for the President, I am proudly voting for the President. It's weird that no matter what is written about Republicans people like you always weigh in  with the, but, but, but Democrats are just as bad. See I distrust internet commenters who can't seem to think their way through that obvious lie, the President and Democrats more than the other party continue to try to protect the poor. ACA is going to give people the opportunity to obtain health insurance and obtain grants to pay for that insurance based on what they make. How is the President hurting the poor? But I really love that you make those claims without backing them up, because I think you realize that you will be disproved if you supply those links from or or So unless you are prepared to prove those statements, I can't believe anything you write. 

      Here's an idea, mccarthy, read Obama's budget and see what it cuts.

     He goes to town on subsidized housing, fuel assistance, a variety of grants for healthcare programs, and pell grants. THAT is how the President is hurting the poor and the sick. He also has the honor of being the first President to sign detention without trial into law.

    Aaron Caine, why are you obfuscating, you point to the presidents budget, name some stuff, without direct links or analysis and you make claims that are easily disproved. 

    Let's talk Pell Grants for instance, the Center on Budget and Priority Policies analyzed the Presidents budget in relation to Pell Grants, and it seems you get it backwards.

    The President’s budget does not cut Pell benefits or eligibility, covers Pell funding needs for fiscal year 2014, and modestly reduces the shortfall for the next decade (to $51 billion); the Ryan budget almost triples the size of the shortfall  even as it significantly cuts Pell benefits and eligibility. 

    Are you analyzing the budget yourself? Because you've offered nothing in terms of an actual analysis of the budget, you just throw out blanket statements, things you obviously picked up at FDL, but not a real analysis, based on actual numbers. Let me just put this out there, you've taken my blog to make points about a President you don't like, for unknown reasons. You turn everything into a way to attack the President on some level and you always make the claim he is hurting the poor without offering actual evidence.

    You've made a claim that the President is cutting grants for health care programs, but you've once again offered no evidence. Just a claim. And so let's get this out there, you don't seem to understand ACA at all. Okay let me explain this to you,  in as simple terms as possible, Medicaid has been the subject of a series of policy struggles between Democrats and Republicans in recent years. In 2010, Democrats succeeded in passing President Obama’s health care law, which plans a vast expansion of Medicaid to cover about half of the nation’s uninsured. Medicaid is funded by federal grant programs to the states. The President is expanding that, how does that hurt the poor? It just seems like you read stuff and get it completely backwards. All facts are available to you via this new tool called "the google". Use it, it actually works.

    The same goes with everything else you threw out there  you have offered no evidence to indicate that the President's budget will hurt the poor.  None.  So once again, I am not holding my nose and voting, and you for some reason are distorting the Presidents actual record.

    My main concern is that our political system has degenerated to the point where we have a choice between a college professor and a putz. And the putz is the best the other party could do.

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