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    Turkish-Russian hegemony scored a majore Victory - but we're still counting votes and waiting for a loser to cry "Uncle", so we may not have noticed.

    If a territory falls in the woods, and we're too busy playing post-mortem blame games and who caused the success, did it really fall?

    W/o further adieu, the late great Karabakh entity - conflicted, but with some historical claims to existence (certainly more recent than some recreated nation-state). Like Crimea, might makes right quicker than detente.

    So where does that leave us? Or the newly formulated Biden government as it confronts the post-Brixit Euro-Mideast playing field? Caspian's not a friendly ghost.



    Ethiopia: last comment I posted on my news thread on topic, 11/21 thru 11/25, was a tweet, it might behoove everyone to notice it

    It's unfair to go by looks alone, but this woman just comes across as a nice person - i guess fits my American standards lens perhaps - and then you read what she's going through just trying to push a basic freedom. Heartbreaking.

    I mean, this isn't Pussy Riot rabble rousing - it's just the right to go to the DMV and get your license. But they're stuck in another era (with out gov's support, sadly - at least we swapped administrations)

    geez....Thanks for posting that. I hadn't been paying much attention to them lately; really still running a tight ship over there, aren't they? With things really speeding up on the electric car front, what are they going to do when oil is $1 a barrel?

    Ride women, it seems...


    nobody gets into Thailand until this summer:

    Here's Iranian protesters blaming the U.S. and the IAEA, I guess Israel and IAEA are still considered puppets of the US hegemon among certain circles there

    Uh, more like Israel did the work & Trump just applauded.
    Kinda like Saudis did the bonesawing.
    Turks took out the Kurds.
    Russians occupied Azov Sea & dropped chemical weapons on civilians in Syria.

    Japan has no answers:

    Yeah Japan REALLY has NO answers:

    Whom among us has not circumvented a pandemic lockdown to engage in a bit of innocuous but ribald old in-and-out?

    Yeah, but during this pandemic sensible people limit their orgies to a simple menage a trois

    According to French customs a menage a trois is a simple relationship, hardly an "orgy" to speak of. At the lower end 10 might suffice, but certainly puts a crimp in the style. Surtout la mode, non?

    Modeling Uyghur crackdown (thread)

    I swear, there's all kinds of real serious shit going down on Twitter just like on dagblog, you just have to know where to look:


    MBS doesn't want you to see this:

    op-ed is by Karen Attiah

    Good news/bad news India

    Brexit NY trucking meltdown:


    More in store Brexit edition

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