Thread: EXTREMISTS are everywhere and come in infinite varieties

    Comes to mind that one of the questions immigrants were asked at Ellis Island in the early 20th century was: Are you an anarchist?

    Reichsbürger (“citizens of the Reich”) – members of Germany’s anti-establishment, sovereign citizen conspiracy movement

    ‘Nazi Druid’ Accused of Hoarding Weapons to Prepare for Society’s Collapse via @viceworldnews

    — Dr. Christine Sarteschi, PhD, LCSW (@DrSarteschi) January 7, 2022

    An excerpt from the Christian Identity newsletter "Identity" Volume 6, No. 1. The author is Col. Ben Cameron, the protagonist from Birth of a Nation.
    It was a pen name used by Rev. Bill Gale.

    — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 7, 2022

    Facebook is everywhere and extremists will always try to use it to communicate, doh:

    Sister of Slain Calif. Federal Officer Sues Facebook
    The lawsuit claims that the site is responsible for radicalizing the gunman who fatally shot Dave Patrick Underwood while he guarded an Oakland federal courthouse during 2020 protests. (Boogaloo)

    — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 7, 2022

    Moorish sovereign citizen who drove up from Arkansas to support co-religionists arrested after that armed standoff on 128 is suing for $70 million because she wound up arrested on gun charges, too

    — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 7, 2022

    2 men with alleged ties to 'boogaloo' movement built explosive devices to use against police: FBI - ABC News - via @ABC

    — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 7, 2022

    Out Now: Our newest report, “This is the Aftermath: Assessing Domestic Violent Extremism One Year After Jan 6”

    — Program On Extremism (@gwupoe) January 6, 2022


    Bellingcat on the Manosphere

    wow, much thanks - forgot about following up on that Denver shooting though I definitely meant to as it was clearly not your average spree shooter (actually, planned and targeted spree shootings seem to be rarer these days than they used to be, passion of the moment is what seems to be dominating in violent crime)

    Acting out Nietzsche fantasies combined with libertarian Boogaloos sympathies, sheesh!

    How would you weed out this type of nut with "gun licensing"? Comes to mind: you don't! Actually comes to mind how many video games play on this kind of ethos as does the more gangstery type of rap & gang culture.

    And one doesn't have to here with me > how entertaining this kind of fantasy in play can work just as well getting it out of someone's system so they don't act out as it does encouraging acting out. I know that full well having several younger brothers heavily into violent "army" play as kids who as adults would never dream of something as stupid as joining the military.

    Perhaps there is a clue in that many of the more serious Boogaloos types are extremely angry and disgruntled ex-miliary (like Tim McVeigh) ....for them the military didn't live up to their Nietzschean fantasies?

    in UK:

    Society might benefit from the revival of the popular office sign THIMK from days of  yore. Maybe, just maybe, it's possible that every incident of bad news doesn't have to be crammed to fit into woke or anti-woke narratives or be be labeled racist or anti-racist:

    What would Sherlock Holmes say?

    Europe's loud, rule-breaking unvaccinated minority are falling out of society

    By Rob Picheta @, Updated 12:53 PM ET, Sun January 16, 2022

    London - Before Covid-19, Nicolas Rimoldi had never attended a protest.

    But somewhere along the pandemic's long and tortuous road, which saw his native Switzerland imposing first one lockdown, then another, and finally introducing vaccination certificates, Rimoldi decided he had had enough.

    Now he leads Mass-Voll, one of Europe's largest youth-orientated anti-vaccine passport groups.

      Because he has chosen not to get vaccinated, student and part-time supermarket cashier Rimoldi is -- for now, at least -- locked out of much of public life. Without a vaccine certificate, he can no longer complete his degree or work in a grocery store. He is barred from eating in restaurants, attending concerts or going to the gym.

      "People without a certificate like me, we're not a part of society anymore," he said. "We're excluded. We're like less valuable humans."

        As the pandemic has moved into its third year, and the Omicron variant has sparked a new wave of cases, governments around the world are still grappling with the challenge of bringing the virus under control. Vaccines, one of the most powerful weapons in their armories, have been available for a year but a small, vocal minority of people -- such as Rimoldi -- will not take them.

        Faced with lingering pockets of vaccine hesitancy, or outright refusal, many nations are imposing ever stricter rules and restrictions on unvaccinated people, effectively making their lives more difficult in an effort to convince them to get their shots.

          In doing so, they are testing the boundary between public health and civil liberties -- and heightening tensions between those who are vaccinated and those who are not [....]

          "RINO hunters"


          I thought you meant striding off Arnie/Clint style with bullets still in him - aka "one tough hombre". Still, wish him a successful recovery.

          lest we forget Hindu India v. Muslim Pakistan - where there are actually active extremists but also where no one "on the other side" is ever free of the possibility of being labeled extremist, so the word has lost a lot of punch and nobody knows how to figure truth anymore:


          ISIS says: we're baaaack:

          my underlining

          ...The only thing that mattered was that Sorey had broken the law, Chief U.S. District Judge Leonard Strand said....

          Lab didn't use the term sovereign citizen in reference to Sorey, but Strand mentioned the term's appearance in a presentence report detailing Sorey's criminal history and personal background. Among other things, sovereign citizens believe they, rather than law enforcement or elected officials, can decide which laws to obey. Strand said he was concerned with Sorey's actions, not his beliefs, that landed him before him....


          proud torch-wielding antifa rally in Nantes, France filmed by a local journalist, tweeted by "Global Revolution" and found retweeted by Antifa International:

          Nantes antifascista

          — GlobalRevolution (@NiEstatNiRei) January 21, 2022

          edit to add, more here:


          I'll say! Check out what a whole bunch of citizens of the supposedly happily democratic socialist Sweden were up to the other day:

          Actually, I did think of posting that on this thread yesterday, but then I thought: nah, it's really not extremist as in "extreme", it's just a very common libertarian impulse worldwide.

          after checking Luke's feed, I see the pics and videos that he tweeted of DC protest today pale in comparison to his retweet of the one in Brussels:

          What does a 100,000 person anti-mandate protest look like?


          — Aaron Ginn (@aginnt) January 23, 2022


          on point:

          In the Netherlands - not antivax but anti-lockdown, not violent, doing the civil disobedience thing :

          The thing to think about is how big and wide the libertarian sensibility is on the covid issue in democracies, i.e.,the coalition of extremist and non-extremist

          • How NYT amplifies extremists

          Time for yet another Show and Tell thread about sovereign citizens. In these threads I show artifacts and ideas from this unusual movement, along with some explanation and context, and maybe a bit of snark.

          Okay, let's get going!

          — Mark Pitcavage (@egavactip) January 30, 2022

          The PACER king himself @SeamusHughes has unearthed a search warrant for an Alabama sovereign citizen who tried to cash in on fake bonds to purchase a mansion and a Maybach.

          — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 27, 2022

          All caps, UCC reference, [zip code,] trademarked name, B.A.R. license referring to the fictional "British Accredited Registy"-- it's all there.

          — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 27, 2022

          There's a UCC filing from last year that ties him to the Indigenous Political Authority.

          — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 27, 2022

          Kartarius Dewan Johnson, aka Tareeq Akhil Anad, is currently facing 16 counts in federal court.

          — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 27, 2022

          He's facing some serious time, but this is the defense path he's taking:

          — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 27, 2022

          A sovereign citizen tries to buy a Maybach with fake funds.

          Lorde writes "Royal" and sings about a Maybach.

          More than coincidence?

          — JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) January 27, 2022

          Ottawa police investigating possible criminal charges for some anti-vax protesters via @Yahoo

          — KaesiF (@KaesiF) February 1, 2022

          THESE 2 pictures alone should sink the Cons... why is the @rcmpgrcpolice @OttawaPolice @csiscanada not investigating threats against PMJT??

          — Mountain Wineguy (@Wineguy_69) January 31, 2022

          I'm not going to do more than this one tweet on a HOW MANY TRUCKS argument, but briefly: please don't believe the wildly nonsensical "TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TRUCKS!!!" claims circulating on social media and in right-wing media about the Canadian convoy

          — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) January 28, 2022

          The congressman decided to give air to this very-obviously-false internet rumor *after* Trudeau held a press conference today from an official residence near Ottawa.

          — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) February 1, 2022

          Progression of crowd size on Parliament Hill throughout midday.

          — Mackay Taggart (@mackaytaggart) January 29, 2022

          JUST IN - #Ottawa City Councillor launches court proceedings against Canada's trucker convoy, targeting the nearly $10,000,000 in funds frozen by @GoFundMe to "cover the City expenses."

          — (@disclosetv) January 31, 2022

          Elizabeth Payne is a health and general reporter for Ottawa Citizen

          Cormac Mac Sweeney is a Parliament Hill Bureau Chief for CityNews Toronto, CityNews Ottawa, CityNews Calgary, CityNews Vancouver, CityNews Halifax and CityNews Kitchener.

          This is near a border crossing with the U.S.:

          Whether you agree or not, he's making an important point:

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