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    Trump Appts GOP Partisan Hack to Fed

    Stephen Moore, a total Republican political hack. His economic publishing history below.

    2004, pre-election pro Bush campaign swill:

    Bullish On Bush: How George Bush's Ownership Society Will Make America Stronger (Madison Books, 2004) ISBN 1-56833-261-0

    The next one, from 2014, came out only  in audio, the printing of it apparently cancelled.... as it was, by 2014,  so clear Moore was selling bs.  Obama had saved the economy after "Bush's Ownership Society" which Moore loved so much, had led to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

    Crash Landing: How Bush, Bernanke, Pelosi and Obama Have Wrecked the U. S. Economy (And How To Salvage America's Future)(Audio CD)(Blackstone Audio, 2014) ISBN 1482923874

    Notice how GWB went from economic hero, to Pelosi, Obama sidekick, after the 2008 crash!!

    AND 2018.....drum roll....what is Stephen Moore up to...?

    "TRUMPONOMICS, Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy"

    Don't expect to find anyone on corporate TeeVee bringing up Moore's past accuracy and record in economic forecasting!



    Abysmal choice. Hopefully, the pushback is so intense that the Senate won't approve.

    Yes. We'll see. They say we don't have business cycles anymore, we have credit cycles, or crashes. Trump's tax cuts are settingup a doozy of a downturn. No budget leeway to help recovery, and the Fed has little rate ammunition to cushion a recession.

    Comically, Amazon has Moore's 2004 book titled "owenership society" not " ownership society".

    The misspelling being closer to what was actually going on..hahaha. From the Amazon page:

    "Bullish on Bush: How George Bush's Owenership Society Will Make America Stronger"

    Paperback – October 15, 2004. Stephen Moore

    What could go wrong with having the Trump government (Moore's Fed) buy Trump administration ballooning trillions of debt (February, 2019 federal debt -one month, of just under $1/4 trillion ($235 billion) was the largest monthly US debt increase in history) and just print the money?

    Great plan? To keep interest rates near zero?

    Good for Trump, until the dollar collapses, but by then, Trump would probably be out of office.

    Another demagogue loyalty demanding, free press hating, court packing, lock up opponents wanting, violence stoking, parallel to Venezuela, where money printing now runs rampant, and inflation is a million %...

    Actually, this enquiring mind would like to know how come Maduro gets the brush off while Kim gets oodles of man love. Go figure. I think: whoever turned Trump off to Maduro knows some magic voodoo to switch off his natural attraction to totalitarian dictator types. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe he only gets turned on by the ones that are shorter than him?

    Maduro has no button. Not even a teeny tiny one.

    Maduro is weak, he may even be from Puerto Rico. Who knows? Kim is everything Trump admires and wannabelike, a lying blowhard who executes the failing loser disloyals.

    The kakistocracy marches on. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, Trump only likes people who kiss his orange ass. I think the weirdest part is how many of them attach their lips to Donnie’s gigantic ass... oh right according to Doctor Ronnie The Don will live to 140 maybe more, no one is in better shape than he is!


    We are living in some episode of the Twilight Zone aren’t we.

    It's a new age of reality show government.

    It doesn't do anything but serve big corporations, the rich, any with campaign donation cash wanting to poison or scam the public.... both sides are always equally to blame, yet it all makes for endless lucrative TeeVee opinion shows, innumerable political and conspiracy websites and legions of useless overpaid pundits.

    BTW, Stephen Moore owes $75k in taxes from 2014.

    He blames the government. Of course!

    Who among us hasn't made an occasional trivial mistake on our taxes that caused us to underpay by tens of thousands of dollars? 

    "Whom among us..." if you want the preumed Kerry royal effect

    Smart patriotic stable geniuses who love Kim jong IL and the flag so much, and hate the failing fake news enemy of the people press for reporting this stuff....don't pay any taxes anyway.  Donald Trump

    Stephen Moore also a child support scofflaw, wife abuser.

    In a divorce filing in August 2010, Moore was accused of inflicting “emotional and psychological abuse” on his ex-wife during their 20-year marriage. Allison Moore said in the filing she had been forced to flee their home to protect herself. She was granted a divorce in May 2011.... Court records in Virginia obtained by the Guardian show Moore, 59, was reprimanded by a judge in November 2012 for failing to pay Allison Moore more than $300,000 in spousal support, child support....

    As is customary for Republicans, He is also a hypocrite and a fraud:

    Moore has lamented the steady decline in US marriage numbers, asserting in an October 2014 article that “intact families” were important for the economy and criticising “those who cheer divorce as a form of women’s liberation”.

    Concluding the article, he called for a “personal and national commitment to sturdy families” and strong parenting as part of a “culture of virtue” aimed at saving the American economy from what he called a path of decline.

    Moore’s 2018 book Trumponomics, co-authored with the veteran economist Arthur Laffer, said many Americans felt “a sense of not being loved"...

    Moore was a bust

    Looks like Herman Cain is up next. Hard to believe that Cain is the choice in the MeToo era.

    Cain was accused of sexual harassment and a 13-year long affair


    Edit to add: 

    Mitt is already objecting


    Edited to change “Mittis” to “Mitt is”





    Moore's recent book, a kiss azz to Trump,  "Trumponomics", is likely a good indicator of economic recession, as Moore's "Bullish on Bush" was. 

    Trump's kinda guy! The new Trump Fed pick,and author of "Trumponomics", child support scofflaw, Stephen Moore:

    A court official accompanied by four police officers had to break into the home of Stephen Moore, Donald Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve board, after he repeatedly failed to pay debts to his ex-wife.  The group used a locksmith to force their way into Moore’s house in Virginia in May 2013, according to court filings. They were there to prepare the property for a court-ordered sale in order to raise $330,000 that Moore owed his ex-wife after their divorce.   link

    Stephen Moore is currently at this rightvwing "think tank" :

    Stephen Moore is the Distinguished Visiting Fellow for Project for Economic Growth at The Heritage Foundation.

    The "project for growth"? Distinguished?  A "Fellow" who refuses to support the growth of his own kids?

    Republicans have The Best People..!!

    forget nasty divorce issues, an embedded link there tells ya he has the qualifications Trump really wants: disagreement with the IRS about what he owes them and and even more important, he wrote a fawning book: Trumponomics

    I swear, I think he doesn't let anyone even try to vet nominees. He's got a black book of names of friendlies and he picks from that. His version of Linked In Connections. As per my link--at the bottom, this one was buddies with Paul Erickson (Maria Butina's boy toy) back since the 2008 election.

    Edit to add: I figure White House staffers stay because they are thinking if they put on their C.V. "I survived the Trump White House" that means that they can deal with anything including crazytown. Working for Idi Amin would be easier.

    They skip out on supporting their own kids, and wives, but are on selfless, God given, mission, to save freedom,  America, and every last, precious fetus.

    Swamp Filling, Trump Style: Moore changes his mind on abolishing the Fed, now that Republicans are about to confirm him, likely wih zero Democrat's votes, to the Fed for a 14 year $183,100/year appointment.  CNN:


    The nomination immediately drew criticism because Moore has been a fierce critic of the Federal Reserve and its chairman Jerome Powell. In 2015, he called for abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to a gold standard (Moore told CNN's Erin Burnett on Thursday he changed his mind on the gold standard. He told CNN's KFile on Friday he no longer believed in abolishing the Federal Reserve).

    In a column in December, Moore called for Powell to resign for hiking interest rates. Moore claimed the comments were probably written "in a time of anger," but in February, he called Powell one of Trump's "worst appointments" and called for firing hundreds of employees at the Federal Reserve Board who he called "worthless" economists.

    Attacking establishment Republicans is likely a plus with Trump, who loves Party purges as much as Stalin.

    At least Moore and Trump agree on the climate hoax:

    Stephen Moore, who has called climate change “climate improvement,” has repeatedly cited the debunked Oregon Petition...

    High times, high crimes - an invitation to impeachment:

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