Trump, Franken vs. Senate GOP

    Forget for a moment all the issues surrounding the Keystone pipeline legality, that it will likely create few permanent jobs or that it may serve solely as a way to export Canadian oil and is not moving dirty tar sand oil for US use.

    Look at the hypocrisy of the Senate GOP in 2015 on where the steel would come from, and how Trump takes the 'not rocket science' use US steel side of Democrats on this today. 

    Trump today, on the incomplete Keystone pipeline:

    "We are going to renegotiate some of the terms, and if they like, we’ll see if we can get that pipeline built," Trump said. "If we’re going to build pipelines in the United States, the pipes should be made in the United States."

    Democrats 2015 Amendment to also mandate US steel if the Keystone is built:

    Republicans also rejected an amendment proposed by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) to require that if the pipeline is approved, it must be built with American iron and steel. Every Republican, except North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, voted to table that amendment as well. So much for caring about American jobs. Every Democratic Senator approved of the Franken amendment, 

    I am not saying I support the pipeline, or tar sands oil production.

    What I am saying is when Trump says he is smart, he might be right, at least he may be smarter than the average Republican Senator. Or less partisan?

    Why the GOP almost unanimously did not support using US steel is beyond me, perhaps because it was a Democrat's idea, or perhaps they never gave a crap about US jobs. Ever.


    Franken, Warren, and Sanders are doing important work at the confirmation hearings.

    I guess that the repubs will be tabling a lot of things over the next few years?

    I think "under the table" is more like it.
    It is going to get rough.
    Strap yourself in.

    Love the 'pack of lying hypocites' 2015 GOP Senate vote to  kill American steel jobs.

    When Trump mentioned American steel I am pretty sure Mitch McConnell didn't say 'Oh, but we voted that down in '15.' 

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