Twofer - insurance & Wall Street theft


    Who woulda guessed - holes in Obamacare permitting double digit health care increases?

    Combined with revelations that TARP was a scam from the start - HAMP & loans to small business to keep the "recovery" going being 2 more cynical myths.

    And who knew Obama's vote for FISA was irrelevant - because the courts just ruled he can ignore it anyway.

    Weird scenes inside the coalmine. Insert plausible deniability here ==> _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    We're getting closer to SHTF

    This should be a must read, to dispel the myth "You can trust government" 

    "Instead of trusting the markets to do the right thing when provided with accurate information, the government has instead channeled Jack Nicholson – and decided that the public just can't handle the truth."

    Thanks Peracles

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